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Thread: Holiday Deliveries Event 2018 [Questions and Discussion]

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    First I hate it, but now this is my favorite event ever, I love it :*

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    I gave in and bought the two decos. Sigh. The fishing better be good

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    Well I am enjoying this event, I've nearly reached my last personal goal but will still play for fun. I have spent 6 Tcash only on it because I wanted to not because I felt pressured to. I have fell off more times than I have been successful, but have been improving along the way.

    It's been so nice to have a new event. The only thing is for some players gauging the distance will be very problematic, so would be nice if they could be more generous with the tape measures.

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    Yes, it is nice to see a new game, but boy, do I feel my age playing this one. My hand/eye coordination or depth perception or something seems to be seriously lacking. Maybe I'll improve as I go but I stink right now.

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    Lol Chris, I have got a lot better but still have my moments. I had made up enough stuff in the beginning for about 45 play throughs. It was almost laughable, I just kept plunging over the edge like a lemming

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    Think of the poor insurance company that holds the policy on those trucks😕

    Coop: Funny Farm

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    I like this one so far. I hope they don’t make it any harder next time around because I don’t like seeing my trucks plunging into the abyss

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    I like this new game, per se. It's cool, new skills and not too hard once you get the hang of it.

    However I twice already accidentally pressed Wrap and bought a 58 TC scarf - when I had 2 in the tailor shop. I am so frugal with my TC, this evaporated half of my TC all at once. I thought there is supposed to be a confirmation I have it checked in settings! I do buy TC, but mostly spend it on Raj or somtimes getting a plane back fast. Wasting 58 TC for a single item? The amount they define per item is not right.

    This is far worse than simply designing games geared to spend TC, that's legitimate - they are a for-profit company, but not adding a warning screen for this? When it's so easy to click twice? DESPICABLE.

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    I do like this minigame, if for no other reason than it is something different.

    One problem I've encountered is that sometimes when I land on a pillar with a chest and it asks me if I want to open for 3 T cash, after I hit the x to close the window, the game will read my finger on the screen for a second as an attempt to build a bridge, then will build the tiniest sliver of bridge and my truck drives off it.


    I really wish they didn't stop gameplay with those chests.

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    Well so far I'm 1st place with 210 on the board and nearly about to get last personal reward few more runs. While you don't need to use TC to add to your score like last event I still end up using it just so I complete my run and get the gifts delivered.

    I'm slowly getting use to it every second run I usually fall once least this event doesnt stutter or drain your TC balance however it's still a slap to face adding those random chests that require 3 TC to open, what a joke.

    And to make it worse suppose to be Christmas event everyones suppose to be happy and share the spirit but the rewards are pathetic, you can pretty much get everything just by playing the normal game with a exception or two sooo while you don't need TC to finish up higher up the ladder all the decorations you have to buy with TC, they could of least included the new Christmas sign in the rewards but nooo shell out 110 TC for it.

    Disgusting Playrix shame on you
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