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Thread: Better / Accurate Regatta Statistics

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    Better / Accurate Regatta Statistics

    I wish the regatta statistics would accurately report what a player has done.

    For example, today we had one person whose task timed out. The statistics do not reflect the failed task. Instead, it still shows 3/15 and 405 points. Even after doing more tasks, the number of tasks "taken" does not include the failed task.

    Now I realize that the line may be trying to show the number of tasks "completed" but the fact that they failed a task is important to tracking and strategizing the remainder of the race. It should at least show 4/15 and still 405 points so it would be clear as to what their new maximum score would be. As it is, the only way we knew they failed a task was that they posted something in the chat.

    Similarly, if I buy the extra task and complete it, the statistics show 16/15 which has always annoyed me. It should at least be 16/16.

    So please, can we have more accurate statistics about tasks taken.

    I know people have asked for a lot more information about a player's tasks, like access to each person's task log, but I'm not asking for that, just a more informative update to what we already have.


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    I don't blame you I would like this also I would also like to see how much of a task has been completed like we do in the in the inter seasonal race

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    This would be really helpful. Just to know the number of tasks taken would be great.

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