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Thread: can you skip the conversation

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    Also noticed thread has been removed unless you have commented prior, or so it appears . Not good

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    For some reason with this bug you must try to complete the task from a different computer (bit worrisome) but then it makes you start the task all over again. So will cost you another 6 stars to complete and move on.

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    I also have this problem. I have had many e mails from support team. My game does not show that I have done half of the task although it tells me to 'complete' Latest e mail from support says ' Unfortunately, this particular situation might be a bit tricky, but our developers are working hard to fix it.

    This was received today. I now have 100 stars. getting very frustrated, trying to be patient.
    Unfortunately I do not have access to another computer. It would be worth paying the 6 stars to be able to move on.
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    Did finally get by it by using a variety of fixes from the team but it is happening again this time with the stars to complete a day have tried all the former fixes and non have worked Hey ho will collect stars again. It has happened since the update

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    I telephoned my son nearly 200 miles away and had him access my account, he completed the task on his computer so everything ok now. It only cost me the 3 stars outstanding on task. Managed to do all other tasks since and moved onto new day. Hooray!!!!! Support team also gave me some boosters and free time for all the aggravation.

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