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Thread: 12.12 Township Documentary: Episode 2

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    12.12 Township Documentary: Episode 2

    Hey, Townshippers!

    "Township: Visuals", the second episode of our documentary series, is out!

    You may not know this, but there are 50 townspeople in the game now!
    Interestingly enough, there were only 20 of them at the start. Ever wondered how other 30 appeared? 💪

    Take a peek at our interview then 🎉

    Are you guys waiting for the next episode already? 👍😍

    Stop by our official YouTube channel to catch up on the first episode as well.

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    Thanks Anna and Playrix team, really enjoyed the video. Very interesting to see how the characters have changed/improved over time. Also nice to know why my poor sheep shiver if I don't feed them immediately!

    Also that the characters have been created from people they already know. Maybe if they read this forum they will become familiar with some of the the players here such as Nana GL and Nevada (who have personal avatars), and one day we will open our games and find they have become new characters

    Look forward to the next video installment
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    si me gusta mucho este gran juego no me canso de jugarlo

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