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Thread: 2 Separate Regattas

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    2 Separate Regattas

    1. “Pay to Race”
    2. “Race to Play”

    1. Pay to Race would include any amount of T-cash that can be spent to refresh the board, finish tasks, etc.

    2. Race to Play would be for players who don’t spend T-cash and want to race for SKILL!

    This option can be checked in the additional settings and only the leader of a co-op can choose the option.
    If no option is selected, a default “Pay to Race” Regatta will ensue.

    Race to Play regattas will either be blocked from using T-cash or “dumped” into an existing regatta Pay to Race,
    once T-cash is used at any time during the regatta!

    Let’s bring some fun and challenges back to the regatta!

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    Race to Play should have an option to speed up a task (allowed to speed up 3 per person)
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    Hello, I’m new to forum, not sure if I’m o.k. To post or what this idea, it is something we have discussed in our co op and I was in here researching to see if there was a suggestion already submitted. Is this something that is being implemented or is being suggested?

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    Not sure how fair it is to judge an ENTIRE coop by one tcash spending event. ( Grouping by ranges of amount of tcash usage would seem more fair.)

    Some PLAYERS buy large amounts of tcash.
    Some players buy ZERO tcash, but get a modest amount thru other in game activities.

    Some players buy ZERO, and get very little tcash in game.

    Also what counts as using tcash?
    Making toy trucks task -- buying raja ? Speeding up plastic? Speeding up the toys? Speeding up something in front of the toys or in front of plastic ? Speeding up rubber crop? Speeding up ANY crop? ( If you need to plant rubber )
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    I doubt it will be implemented by Playrix - they are interested in players using tc to use for whatever and to speed up no-matter-what.
    They can't be interested in blocking anyone from using tc. And they probably also rely on "many" spending a bit tc - claiming it is an exception.

    And Jammy, your option would also mean the group would be moved to the Pay to Race group, accord. to Miss Williamston's description. I don't see the possibility of a "little exception" in this concept.
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