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Thread: Additional Storage.

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    Additional/Unlimited Storage.

    Hi Everyone!
    As player of the Playrix game Township, I have ran into the problem of not having enough room in the barn and not having the resources needed and/or the money to buy these resources to upgrade the barn (and yes, I know that is the intention of not having infinity storage.) But I think that buying another barn for coins or some other building would really help with these storage issues that I am sure a lot of people have. Why not sell something? Well I have trouble with getting animal feed and have limited time to play Township. And many resources take forever to get and sometimes my co-op needs help with planes and stuff.
    ~Sincerely Johnalex Zarco.
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    Upgrading the barn is a joke, takes forever to collect hammers, with what it asks for to upgrade barn it should a least give you 100 storage, I always upgrading mine even though 20 hammers took a few weeks to collect. Am soon out of space again after upgrade because the storage upgrade is a joke.

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    I think maybe a tool shed would work. So we aren't taking up room in the barn for upgrade parts instead of "sellable" items. It could have its own limit...
    Right now if we want to upgrade (and we have no choice if we want to advance in the game) we have to give up the space to collect the parts required. But if there was a separate storage for these tools it wouldn't have to go against us... Like the mining tools and ore don't go against us until we've created a bar out of the ore.

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    Playrix have said they will not be implementing a separate building for tools. See the second Item in this list
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    Upgrading is literally killing my storage space. Every time I turn around the game is asking for an upgrade, then I run into the problem (every single time) of getting a message saying it won't upgrade because I don't have enough storage space. I can't keep deleting apps I need and want. This is a problem!!! How can I avoid this so that I can continue playing the game?

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