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Thread: A character like me/paralyzed

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    A character like me/paralyzed

    I’m paralyzed and no game ever includes a paralyzed character. Could you add one, maybe a cousin or something to travel between Homescapes and Gardenscapes. If wheelchair movement is too hard to code, can you at least make an accessible Homescapes room, or garden area? I posted this in Gardenscapes too.


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    Excellent idea. I would like to see that too

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    Good luck with that! I support your request because we all want to see characters like ourselves represented in our favourite games, but similar requests have been made to Playrix in the past and got a mixed response from players. Ranging from support of the idea, all the way to horror at the thought of having to see real life, and even silly threats to stop playing if forced to see it LOL. But I'm all for it, would be great to see different types of people and lifestyles

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