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Thread: Treasures do not give rewards

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    Treasures do not give rewards

    I am very high leveled and am forced to do these Treasures, however they do not give rewards and I am not sure if I am even given coins for completing boards. There is no aqua splash and when I complete levels, there is no reward at all.

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    Hi you should receive a reward after the 3rd, the 8th, and the 15th level in the treasure chest. Not after every level no. After completing the 3rd, 8th, and 15th levels the picture of the treasure chest will open up and show you what you won.

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    Yes, I get those rewards. However each board does not give me coins and/or items towards completing my quests. It makes it impossible to compete in the challenges. If it's the treasure chest, that shows up on the play button, it is fine and works correctly but if it's the treasure chest that is above the play button (when I am out of new levels) it's broken. I am at level 3000+. I enjoy the game and find it disappointing that you say this is working. There isn't even an aqua splash at the end of these boards.

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    The treasure chest above the play button when you run out of new levels-- many of us hav complained about it. No aquasplash you are right and only rewards after those specific three levels. They really are not worth playing. We all agree we are frustrated too.

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    Thanks for your response, but what are the developers doing to fix this? We can complain all we want and it will not change if they don't fix it, lol. Also the most irritating part is I only have these levels most times and I make it to Ruby in the challenges, and then boom, drop my rank significantly because of not gaining the rewards. I still keep playing though!! Just wanted to let them know, so I am glad others have noticed this issue as well.

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