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Thread: Scalable Regatta Tasks

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    Scalable Regatta Tasks

    There's a big problem for players who only do 135 tasks - there are too many non-135 tasks popping up. Make tasks scalable, so that if you want to do a lower task, you can choose that or, if you want to do the maximum of that task type, you can choose the 135 option on every task. My coop is a 135-only coop and we fave been unable to complete our regatta because we could not get enough 135 tasks to come up.

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    We are with you on the 135s. My sister and I are in a 2-person co-op. We are gold and complain all the time to "help and support" about lack of 135 tasks . They reply that tasks are random and higher level tasks more rare because they are more difficult. Every regatta we play against 14 other teams doing 135 tasks. Game is great but these people need to listen to us. I earn about 200 clovers every week and lucky if I get a single 135 house of luck.

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