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Thread: What happened to all of our extra lives?

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    What happened to all of our extra lives?

    With the last update all of my extra lives have disappeared. Up in a puff of smoke. I have been playing this game for maybe 15 to 18 months, and had won many on the daily spin. Now not a one.The little envelope is now empty and asking me to pay for extra lives I had already won. What’s up?

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    They just moved the envelope and now you open the envelope and click accept and see your lives. Sorry!

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    None of my lives moved over, and I had several hundred. And no new lives are coming in.

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    I had noticed earlier that we could no longer win lives, but I just discovered my envelope of lives has been deleted. I guess it’s not just me.

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    Same with me. With new update all my lives are gone along with the envelope.

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    The window for sending and asking for lives has been moved, and you can access it when you tap the lives counter in the upper left corner on the main screen.
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    What's with this having to use up your lives before you can ask your friends for more?? First lives disappear, and now this???

    And btw..... what happened with the Xmas decor... haven't seen nothing!
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    Yeah!! The envelope replaced??? NO, THERE IS none!!! CHANGE IT BACK!!!

    No there is no envelope!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????
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    mine disappeared with my friends months ago and I am level 2565 and dont want to remove and restart

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    Same problem and it makes me so mad!! I had saved up 60+ free lives and used them very sparingly and then one day they're just all GONE??? Are you trying to lose players?? What a mistake on your part Playrix!
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