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    Need help

    I deleted and I mean deleted my email account and it was the one that I was using for Facebook. When I made my Facebook page it was easy than now they want pics and phone numbers I have the phone number down but I don't want to share a picture of my self is there away that you could help me I'll give you the email info to to make the Facebook page it's not my main one that I use it will be just for the gam. If someone can help let me know

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    Did you actually delete the email address, or did you remove it from facebook? Can you still use the email elsewhere?
    You can use any picture you want on your facebook page, mine is Mr. Gasser. It is also in my townships games.

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    They now want you to give them a photo to make a Facebook page lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LegoCandyLand View Post
    They now want you to give them a photo to make a Facebook page lol
    Gosh, the temptation to start photographing random body parts must be enormous. Yes, Mr Z-Berg, that is indeed my readily identifiable left knee-pit, bahahaha

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    Candy, I tried to make a new Facebook account about a year ago, and like with you they wanted a photo, if I remember correctly some sort of official photo like from a driving licence, and as I didn't want to do that I gave up. But last week I created a second town and wanted to link it to Facebook, and I managed make a new account with no problem. So I'm not sure if they only ask random people for a photo, or how it works. Maybe try creating a new email, and try again with Facebook using that and see if it's any different.

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