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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    Nov 2018
    ⚠️ Purple helicopter 🚁, should be red
    ⚠️ cake 🍰 icon above the yacht 🛥
    ⚠️ incorrect symbol ♾ above event board
    ⚠️ train 🚂 has incorrect color lids, should be green
    ⚠️ Global icon is incorrect color, should be blue
    ⚠️ T cash 💵 logo is incorrect, should be a bank building not a dollar sign 💲
    ⚠️ town sign is incorrect

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    the picture of the dealer is wrong
    popcorn coming out of the bakery
    settings and e-mail buttons flipped
    the emoji picture on top left shouldn't be there
    the house with balloons
    no coin
    wrong people count

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    1купец изображен иначе
    2крыша насосной станции не зелена а сереневая
    3попкорн на пекарне
    4вместо крестика на больнице сердце
    5автобус школьный розовый а не желтый
    6не видно число монет
    7письмо и настройки поменены местами

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    Settings button is switched with mail, popcorn is not made at bread factory, not right picture at market, heart on hospital, balloons over completed house, hydroelectric power plant roof should be green and school bus should be yellow

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    No coins displayed, popcorn is at the wrong factory, hospital has a heart instead of a cross, the market man looks wrong, #2 displayed on the train depot, the school bus is red, the roof of the hydroelectric plant is purple instead of green.

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    School bus is pink, different grocer, hospital has a heart on it instead of a Red Cross, no coins showing in upper right corner, popcorn isn’t supposed to be in bakery, a church?, player pic in upper left

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    1. Hospital sign should be a cross
    2. Setting and message button switched places
    3. Popcorn being made in bakery
    4. Chicken feed made in 2 factories
    5. City market dealer is the wrong person
    6. No coin bar
    7. Hydroelectic water pump has a green top, not purple

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    No yautch club no people or cars no ship port funky dude at market no trains or stations or airport bread and popcorn balloons house
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    Dealer pic is wrong, popcorn at bakery, shouldnt be profile pic, lvl bar & population bar should be on the left corner, setting & letter icons switched, hydroelectric power plant roof should be green, township banner should be coin status.

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    School bus pink, face on the city market wrong, heart on the hospital instead of H, popcorn on the bakery, dam roof is purple, no number on helicopter board but check mark in the bottom icon, setting and mail notification icons switched. Cheers!

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