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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    Dealer in the market is different, settings and news icons are swapped, popcorn in the bakery, power plant has a purple roof, school has a pink bus, paper towels and paper in the jam factory, and the symbol and the hospital is a heart instead of a plus sign
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    Лицо торговца

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    Mesa az
    Popcorn in Bakery
    No people
    Dealers picture
    Coins missing
    Profile picture
    The helicopter pad
    And maybe the hospital with the heart on it

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    Merchant's face is wrong, popcorn not made at bread factory, settings & email icons switched, school bus is red instead of yellow, heart on hospital, profile picture in upper left corner, helicopter parked facing away from tower

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    At first I found six odd things in this town:
    < Maybe Raya is ill today and sent his cousin to look after the shop/Market for him today?
    < The blue line says max population amount is reached while the numbers say that it isn't yet (14025/14325)
    < The Baker got the wrong crops and was making Popcorn instead of Bread?
    < Dr. Love is on duty today that is why the red cross became a Heart sign?
    < The Yellow Schoolbus has a defect; to get the children on time at school a red one is in use?
    < Let's paint the roof of the Hydroelectric power plant purple instead of green, what were the thinking?

    And then the seventh one. Got something to do with helicopter platform.
    < The heli sign is green, but there are no orders completed according to the board at the platform. Miscommunication?

    ETA Number eight: Email and settings buttons flipped
    Confused confused
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    The school bus is red. The dealer is dressed different. The Bakery does not make popcorn. Mail and settings buttons have been reversed. Hospital has a heart. Power plant roof color is not purple. Orange houses should have yellow on second floor.

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    Dealer is different, mail & settings icons are switched, player’s picture is in top left corner, hospital has a heart not cross, power plant roof is purple not green, school bus is red not yellow, popcorn symbol over bakery

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    I Found:
    - The Hydraulic Power plant is the wrong colour
    - The hospital has a heart instead of a cross
    - The face of the Dealer is wrong
    - The schoolbus is the wrong colour
    - The settings/messages icons are switched
    - The popcorn in the bakery
    - The Helipcopter icon says there are orders, but the pad itself does not

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    Hydroelectric power plant roof wrong color, popcorn at bread factory, wrong guy at market, heart on hospital instead of Red Cross, tools and mail icon switched, school bus wrong color & there’s a house held up with balloons could be a decoration never seen before
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    Man at the community market shouldn't be there, popcorn is not made at the bakery, power plant has a purple roof, paper towels and paper in the jam factory, there aren't any coins showing in the top right corner, and the school bus is pink. Also the email button and settings button are switched. Also profile picture should not be showing at upper left and township logo should not be showing at upper right.
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