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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    La foto del mercante nn è quella giusta
    Lo stemma dell'ospedale è un cuore e nn la croce
    Il tetto della centrale idroelettrica è viola anziché verde
    Manca il contatore delle monete
    Lo scuola bus è rosa invece di giallo
    Le icone delle impostazioni e delle notifiche sono scambiate di posto
    Sul tabellone dell'eliporto manca il numero degli ordini che sono pronti
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    Differences I see
    1. Popcorn in the bread factory
    2. Roof of hydroelectric plant should be green
    3. School bus should be yellow not red
    4. Hospital sign should be a cross not a heart
    5. Raja has been replaced at the market by another character
    6. Helicopter icon shows an order ready but not showing on helipad bubble
    7. Settings and mail symbol are switched position
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    1. Wrong picture for the market man
    2. Heart instead of cross for the hospital
    3. Township sign should not be at top right corner
    4. Mail icon and other icon are reversed positions
    5. Coins are not shown above the money amount (right hand corner)
    6. The school bus is pink instead of yellow
    7. There are very few people and vehicles in the town
    8. Popcorn is at the wrong factory

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    1. Settings & mail icons backwards
    2. Sheep painting
    3. City market icon
    4. Popcorn at bakery
    5. No coins
    6. Hospital has a heart instead of +
    7. School bus color
    8. No check on top of helicopter
    9. House with balloons

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    Profile picture should not be there
    Township banner should not be there
    Picture of the merchant is different
    Coin is missing off the page
    Popcorn is not made at the bread factory
    Settings is reversed, the mail should be on the other side of settings
    Hospital sign should have a cross and not a heart.

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    1. Pink bus beside school, 2. heart on hospital, 3. popcorn from bread factory, 4. hydroelectric pp roof is purple, 5. different market dealer (Raja), 6. symbol on music store (treble clef) is backwards, 7. the gear icon (settings tab) and mail icon are switched

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    Sugar from bakery, no coins, face of market dealer

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    1_O homem no mercado
    2_pipoca na padaria
    3_nao tem moedas

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    Spot the Differences school bus
    2.popcorn at bread factory
    3.wrong guy at market
    4. Settings/mail reversed
    5. Heart on hospital
    6. No coin total top right
    7. No yellow hard hat at bottom right
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    pink school bus, not the market guy on market, purple roof on water building not green, popcorn on bread factory, no coins, heart on hospital not cross, mail and settings switched.

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