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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    1-Dealer face, 2-popcorn @bakery, 3-red school bus, 4- profile pic is shown, 5- no coin amount shown, 6- helicopters sign is at zero, 7- hospital sign has a heart not a cross.

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    1) hospital has a heart instead of a cross on it's sign
    2) Raja is obviously on holiday and one of his relatives is doing his job
    3)the roof of the power plant is purple instead of green
    4)the school bus is pink instead of yellow
    5) the popcorn icon dosen't belong to the bakery
    6) the news- button and the settings-button are switched
    7) the helicopter-button shows a green checkmark, but there is no checkmark-bubble over the helicopter at the heliport

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    1. The dealer's head on the market
    2. The setting and mail interchange
    3. No people walking around
    4. The popcorn in the bakery factory
    5. The slot for the coin meter is change with the township banner
    6. The helicopter has no icon that its ready to deliver since its checked on the icon below
    7. The profile picture beside the level and the population
    I hope I got it right! Thanks!

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    (1) Different dealer, (2) hydro power plant roof color, (3) popcorn at bread factory, (4) setting/mail icons switched, (5) hospital heart instead of cross, (6) apple tree, (7) no cars and people

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    Here is my try:

    1. Avatar in left corner
    2. Settings and mail buttons reversed
    3. Market has wrong picture of Raj
    4. Township sign in upper right corner, should be coins
    5. Popcorn picture over bakery
    6. Hospital should be cross not heart emblem
    7. School bus should be yellow not red

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    What’s odd contest

    1: Event calendar doesn’t have a globe on it there is nothing above the event calendar and in this picture it shows a gold globe.

    2: The town cash purchase area has a dollar symbol on it and it should have a building on the town cash

    3: yacht club has a food symbol on it and it should have a have a star like symbol on it

    4: train crates on the third train have two blue crates and when boxes are filled they are green even if they are put up for help and filled by someone else

    5: Helicopter is purple and it should be red

    6: Regatta race wheel is the wrong color it should be gold

    7: the co op building glob is the wrong color in the picture it is orange but it should be blue
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    The man in the market where we buy goods is different. Also, popcorn is not produced in the bread factory.

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    Dealer- coins- email settings switched -#2@train station- popcorn @bread factory - township banner - no action figures

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    1. Heart on the hospital instead of cross.
    2. Dealer pic.
    3. Purple roof of hydroelectric power plant instead of green one.
    4. Popcorn icon at the bakery.
    5. Pink schoolbus instead of yellow one.
    6. Switched settings and township news bottoms
    7. No heli sign at the order station while right corner icon says it does.

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    I see these differences:
    1. The hospital has a heart instead of a cross
    2. There is popcorn at the bakery
    3. Dealer face at the market is different
    4. The helicopter button shows there are orders to send, but the board has no number and there is no little helicopter
    icon with a check above the helicopter
    5. The roof on the hydroelectric power plant is the wrong color (purple instead of green)
    6. The bus at the school is the wrong color (pink/red instead of yellow)
    7. The settings cog and township news buttons are switched
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