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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    Train's tick✔️symbol,no people, popcorn on bakery, market delears face,no coins, heart icon on hospital, picture above setting icon

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    7 off beat items I noticed are no coins ! The bakery has produced a popcorn, population numbers are off, there are balloons over an already built house, the settings and mail buttons are switched around, the school has a pink bus, and the hospital has a big heart on it !

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    I can't make the picture bigger

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    1. School bus is pink instead of yellow
    2. Hospital has a heart on it instead of cross
    3. Hydroelectric Power Plant has a purple top instead of green
    4. Market dealer has picture of someone else instead of Raja
    5. Popcorn icon on top of bakery instead of Snacks factory
    6. Township banner in top right where coins should be
    7. Settings and News icons the wrong way around

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    Pick the differences in forum picture:
    1: School bus is pink and should be yellow
    2: The heart on hospital should be a cross and the stairs and helipad are reversed
    3: The music shop symbol above shop is upside down - also the stairs/entry is reversed on this building!
    4: The settings and mail symbols are in a reversed position
    5: There is a popcorn symbol above the bread factory, incorrectly
    6: There is no coins displayed and the township sign is in its place
    7: The marketplace man is the wrong face
    ++ The hydroelectric plant roof should be green.
    Please ������pick me for T-cash ������
    Thanks Township!
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    1. Symbol on TCash different
    2. Globe over coop building should be blue
    3. Wrong graphic in bubble over yacht club, should be a token
    4. Graphic in bubble over Event Calendar is wrong
    5. Blue lids on train cars are wrong
    6. Purple helicopter
    7. Sign on police station is wrong

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    The face of the market seller is different. Factory goods are above the wrong buildings.
    No coins. Not many people. Mail and setting icons in the wrong order.

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    Man's face in the supplies shop

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    Dealer, no coins only a few people walking around,popcorn in bakery, Setting and email is the wrong way round, hospital logo is a heart in this pic...

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    1.dealers face is mustafa . bus color is orange not pink with balloon no walls 4. The helicopter should have numbers sing is + not hearth 6.pop corn at bakery ? Hell no 7. The power place in water ( idk what it callen ) has a purple roof 8. No one walking on road ( unless that man near farm ) coin ( there is but its under banner ) 10.inbox and setting button swaped 11. Town ship banner doesn't have TM text 12. Paper scroll and things at jam factory !? No... This is all I found without zoom in

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