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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    29.11 Spot the Differences!

    Hi, Townshippers!

    CONTEST ALERT! Take a look at this pic – is something different? 🤯
    Spot 7 OFFBEAT ELEMENTS 👇 7 game pros will get 250 T-cash shortly! 🔽

    Best of luck, guys!

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    I think it’s the face of the man that’s on the place where we buy our goods from

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    На здании больницы, сердечко, а не крестик.

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    What is odd?

    Dealer, no coins, popcorn in bakery, population is wrong, settings backwards for settings & messages, township banner, profile pic, chicken feed/coup, no people,

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    Dealer popcorn no coins

    Profile pic no people
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    No coin population wrong popcorn at wrong factory the market guy is wrong

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    Торговец не тот, попкорн в пекарне, на больнице сердце а не крест

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    Торговец на рынке не тот

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    Face of a man Inn where you can buy items, not many people walking around

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    Picture of the dealer is wrong
    Popcorn coming out of the bakery
    Email and settings buttons flipped
    Emoji picture on top left shouldn't be there
    No coin
    House with balloons/no walls

    Also no check mark next to the train
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