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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    И крышы на гидростанции другого цвета

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    I see the following differences:

    1. Avatar in left corner
    2. Settings and mail buttons reversed
    3. Market has wrong picture of Raj
    4. Township sign in upper right corner, should be coins
    5. Popcorn picture over bakery
    6. Hospital should be cross not heart emblem
    7. School bus should be yellow not red
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    Dealer, no coins, popcorn in bakery, population is wrong, settings backwards for settings, messages, township banner, profile pic, chicken feed and coup, no people!!!!

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    Dealer face is not correct, hospital is a medical cross not a heart, pink school bus should be yellow, trains facing the wrong way for the train ion to have a number, the mail and settings icons are switched, the helicopter board doesn’t have a number if there is a green check mark, popcorn at the bakery, not many people or housing for the population number, coin bar could be under the “township banner,” or in place of it, the hydroelectric power plant roof is green not purple...the list goes on...there is way more than seven and I just took a glance.
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    1. Popcorn on the bakery
    2. Dealer face on the market is not Raja
    3. Hospital have a heart and not a cross
    4. Not a icon above the helicopter that there are orders to send
    5. Settings cog and township news buttons are switched
    6. Roof on the hydroelectric power station is purple and not green
    7. Bus by the school is red and not yellow

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    New home with balloons and no wall.
    Hydroponic power plant should be green not purple.
    The hospital should display a cross not a heart.
    There are no coins listed.
    The email and notifications are switched around.
    The market manager is incorrect.
    There are popcorn at the bakery.
    This completes the 7 unusual items.

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    Profilbild, Einwohnerzahl, Popcorn in Bäckerei, Herz an der Klinik, Townshipbanner, Münzanzeige fehlt oder ist verdeckt, Einstellungen + Briefumschlag sind vertauscht, Helikopter hat Haken aber keine Zahl wird am Landeplatz angezeigt, Händlerbild am Markt, keine Personen, wenig Fahrzeuge, Haus mit Luftballons, Kirche ist mir noch unbekannt
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    Spot the differences:
    1. Raja the market dealer looks different.
    2. The Hydroelectric Power Plant roof should be green, not purple.
    3. The hospital should have a cross on the top, not a heart.
    4. The bakery is showing popcorn has been produced. Popcorn is produced at Snack Factory.
    5. The bus at the school should be yellow, not red.
    6. The settings and mail icons are switched around and profile pic in top left corner is not there in my game.
    7. The train board does not usually show the number 2 or any number.
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    Popcorn on bread factory, yarn on grass, bus is pink, house floating with ballons, no people, no coins, population wong.

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    I hope some of these are right, I haven’t been playing this game very long!
    •The settings and mail icons are in switched positions
    •the male icon for the City Market is someone I haven’t seen before
    •there are very few people
    •the school bus in front of the school is red
    •there is no winter games icon
    •there isn’t a place for coins in the top right hand corner
    •there’s a popcorn ready in the bakery
    •there’s a large sheep vandalizing a statue
    •there’s a little yellow house that’s being carried away by balloons (I haven’t seen that in the decorations or housing)
    •the helicopter icon at the bottom of the screen has a check but the helicopter doesn’t
    •power plant has a purple roof
    •the symbol on the hospital is different (Heart not Cross)
    •maybe the population bar? It looks full but according to the numbers it isn’t- although it could be that the bar can’t show how little difference is left to be filled.
    Good luck everyone!
    My Township’s name is Pretera and I’m pretty sure my user name is HannahPretera, I’m low on cash so I’d love some help 💗
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