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Thread: 29.11 Spot the Differences!

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    Settings and Messages are swapped, Heart on Hospital, Hydroelectric roof, Bread factory with popcorn, School has pink bus, Market seller is wrong and ... the helicopter has a tick but no orders are ready

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    Setting and mail icons are reversed
    Popcorn icon over wrong factory
    Bus is wrong color should be yellow
    Hospital icon is wrong
    Dealer icon is wrong man
    Powerplant shouldn't have a purple roof
    No coin bar
    Chicken feed made in 2 factories

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    Concesionario, sin monedas, palomitas de maíz en la panadería, la población es incorrecta, ajustes al revés para configuraciones y mensajes, banner del municipio, foto de perfil, alimentación de pollo /

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    Dealer is different. Cream. Popcorn. Hospital logo

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    1. Popcorn on bakery factory*
    2. The helicopter board doesn't match with the sign
    3. Wrong dealer face (he should live on Frutus Isle)*
    4. Wrong schoolbus color (must be yellow)*
    5. Wrong hospital sign (instead red cross 🏥)*
    6. Hydroelectric power plant roof should be green
    7. The setting and message tabs are switched

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    Dealer, no coins, popcorn in bakery, population is wrong, settings backwards for settings & messages, township banner, profile pic, chicken feed/coup, no people,

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    - schol bus should be yellow
    -the roof of the hydoelectric water pump is usually green
    - popcorn isn't produced in the bakery
    - this is not Raja in the market
    -red heart on the hospital
    - button has changed (mail and settings)
    - on top of the helicopter the sign for a order is missing

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    (1) Popcorn produced at bakery instead of snack factory; (2) profile picture should not be included; (3) setting/messages reversed; (4) city market dealer should not be pictured; (5) Township banner; (6) no coins displayed ; (7) no cars-no people.

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    1.The market guy is not the one we are all used to.
    2. The hospital has a heart instead of a cross.
    3. The hydroelectric power plant should be green not purple.
    4. The popcorn should not be at the bakery.
    5. The school bus should be yellow not red.
    6. The helicopter should have an envelope on it.
    7. The Township news should be first, then the settings button.

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    Varias cosas el icono del. Mercado no es correcto palomitas en panadería falta marcador de monedas.....

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