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    Good Morning all Townshipers.
    I'll start by saying that it's a very nice application and that I like it because it's a almost all age game.
    But but but....... I'm not happy with everything........ well it would been to perfect if so.
    To start my complaints i would say that it's not really right that you just get 5 gifts a day, it's very short amount. This is notable when you coming over the 30th levels.
    My suggestion is that everyone receive the 5 gifts no matter level, but then a part from those you would give everyone over the 30th level 10% of your friendships amount to spread out over your helpers or friends. That means in my case 5+5% of my 50 friends 5 gifts extra and makes a total of 10 gifts a day. We would all win on a deal like that. It will be more interesting for the players to keep their motivation to keep the game and not give in because it gives a touch of unfairness + that it also makes it more interesting to drag more people to the Township application which I suppose would give some more gains for the creators and producers.
    Next point is about the 💎 diamonds. I think that like me who feel or know that I and others don't have the capacity to apart from the Town are able to manage the Zoo as well, in my case because of health but i know there are people who can't organizing so much things and give up or in for that. But all of us receive the red and lila diamonds which we have very little use of. Those should be possible to change for a fair rate to some of the other colors or to money notes pendent of what you need.
    Next thing is about the leadership in all those Cooperatives we have.
    My suggestion is that the leader should be able to send private message to any member in their own coops, for example give a short explanation of why you ejecting someone from the coop, or advising a member, explain things which they don't really understand etc etc.
    And i would recommend that in the field of preference of language be able to choose multilingual, In my case as example me there are managing 5 language, it's also making it easier for the members. Apart from this I can just wish you all a Very Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year 2017. Love, Hugs and Kisses from Spain // Bo
    Would like to know what other thinks about it.

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    Hi Bo and welcome to the Forum

    Unfortunately a couple of your suggestions have previously been rejected by the Playrix Development Team. Don't be put off though. Enjoy the game

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    Hi Bo,

    welcome to the game and the forum
    Usually we see the features you're asking for in the Wish List subforum, and therefore there is the stickied thread

    Read this before posting! Ideas that cannot be implemented at this time (or ever)

    I'm afraid that one of your 3 ideas is mentioned there:
    - Sending more than 5 gifts a day

    Exchanging gems was mentioned there also as "won't happen", but has vanished, so maybe there's hope. Be aware, though, that it is very different for players, which gems they have too many of. Anyway, if we could exchange them, it would help.

    As for private messaging, be it the leader of a Coop (if so, i.e. leader only, *I* would complain, as I want it as member also!) or anyone with their friends, it has been suggested before also. Seeing that children play the game, and (also for adults), that you can't prove offensive language or the like if it should happen, this would mean a huge addition to the game (monitoring, reporting, consequences, whatever), and alone with the cheating problems and bugs, that tie Playrix' Devs down, I doubt it would happen soon, if they ever want to take on that responsibility at all.
    AFAIK, many coops have found a way outside their coop/game to communicate privately (f.e. email or an FB group).

    But at the moment, you could post your ideas also in the thread

    13.12 Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition

    in the TS Discussion subforum. Please read the rules in the first post and note that it is meant for 1 question per post -- which is probably why there are many posts starting with "WHY can't we have...?!", lol.
    Anyway, chances are that the Devs might listen, if they find the questions "original and interesting".

    Good luck, and I wish you that you keep enjoying the game.
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    Thanks for reading and answered faster than I expected. I'll take a look on the things as you told me, but no as complain, it had been quicker to give me the link to it.
    But anyhow I'll keep on with the game. Kindly regards Bo Petersson von Malottky from Spain Josman coop.

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    Bom dia, gostaria que fizessem provas mais variadas na regata são sempre as mesma provas. São muitas fabricas e varias opções para produção mas só sai os mesmos objetos para produzir. Obrigada

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    I am sure this is on the wish list? Would be great if we could gift gems within the regatta to help do boosters. Any thoughts on this subject

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    Gems, township cash, buying building materials

    First of all, i want to say i absolutely love this game. I play it everyday as often as I can, i must say im quite addicted. Im not here to complain, just give a few of my personal suggestions. Even tho is not necessary, i buy township cash probably more than others. Ive spent 15 dollars just today. I wish the building materials wasnt so expensive. With 15 dollars of my money, i completed one community building and finished my lion enclosure at the zoo. Then i couldnt even buy my first lion because i needed a purple gem. One purple gem is 50 township cash. I could go on, but in a should be able to buy building materials just like cash, coins, and should run more sales on township cash. Every sale you run, i buy. Youve only had like 2 sales since ive installed the game ( over a month) 😕
    i think you should run sales on gems, individual colors or bundles. I would love to see that at a resonable cost👍
    i think you should get more township cash for your money if possible, as much as i spend....i dont get much accomplished when i decide to spend hard earned cash into a game on my phone.
    I dont have excellent signal where i live and any time i lose signal , my game loses connection which is very frustrating when sometimes it happens CONSTANTLY. I wish you didnt have to have internet connection to play the game. I understand you have to have internet to make purchases but there is so many games that you dont have to have connection to play.
    I hope someone considers some of my suggestions. Thank you for reading. 🐷🐮🐏🐔🐝

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