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Thread: 28.11 Interview with the Township Farm Animals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Did you notice the distinct lack of pigs? Deeply suspicious if you ask me. Always did think those pigs looked shady..
    I heard they are all (pick)pigpockets and are always squealing on their friends
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    Those puns will be the death of me. Fun read though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Wow. That's horrifying Ruud.

    More farmyard puns.. what do you call a cow with 2 legs?

    Lean beef

    I'll just keep amusing my own self here, don't mind me...
    I don't mind

    A cow on a Beauty Contest? A Miss Steak
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    Quote Originally Posted by JammyJamFam View Post
    Those puns will be the death of me. Fun read though
    Did it quack ewe up? Are ewe amooooosed? I can probably keep this up a while.. through shear force of wool
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    Been a lurker for months, but now I am saying my say!

    I think the interview, (and your responses to it, especially yours, Bess), are absolutely delightful! This is the reason I keep playing, while other games have long ago fallen by the wayside. The whole whimsy involved with every aspect of Township, keeps me smiling and looking forward to the next adventure. Do I like each one? No. I go with the ones I like, ignore the things I don't like, and always appreciate the imagination and smarts it takes to keep a game fresh and alive. Maybe I'm biased. My son works for a company that designs and runs e-game conventions, so I know a little bit about the incredible amount of time it takes to keep games alive and growing. Playrix, IMHO, does a really good job listening to it's consumers and changing what it is feasible to change.

    On a personal note, sorry I don't have any information about myself on this posting. I went to finally write it, and am locked out of making changes on my profile for some reason. I'm an avid researcher on the Wiki, so will spend the day trying to figure out the problem and make myself legal for my next post!

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    Mesa az
    Ok that was cute for the most part.
    But what about goats? They are on a farm also. Love this game

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    I loved it. Thanks

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    What 'bout the bacon producing animals🐷? And not to 4get the busy bees🐝. And last but not least the immigrante from Ducktown.🦆 Those are important animals too.

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    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...then

    Must be a duck..
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    Porque son tan lindos los cerditos

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