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Thread: zoo enclosure

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    zoo enclosure

    I am wondering, when finishing building enclosure and need gems for animals,
    is it best to build the next enclosure or wait until finish getting gems for animals before starting a new enclosure

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    When I worked on my zoo I built enclosures as I got materials. I usually had both parents but toward the last I had missing babies in at least 3 units. I sent plains for gems worked the mine never had enough purple. One issue I had was getting all the baskets for the shops. Actually just up graded my last one could never get hinges. I did not use Tcash to purchase materials. Have fun it's a long journey but worth it.
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    Go ahead and build. The last dozen animals need SO MANY gems it takes a long time to amass them. At least with the enclosures ready you can lay out your zoo and make it look nice while you wait.
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    I have just got to the stage where I don't have enough gems for my next animals. I will still build the next enclosures when I have the money and most of the building supplies for them.

    As Veganville pointed out the increase in gems needed as you go on in the zoo becomes a lot, so you may as well get everything else ready and enjoy laying out your zoo.

    barbguinn I haven't needed a lot of purple gems yet, so good to know I need to keep what I have for future enclosures. I have just finished the boar enclosure and need to build my other gems up. I didn't pay much attention to how many purple they used as I was to busy focusing on the shortage I had of the others

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