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Thread: I have a question.....

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    I have a question.....

    I have friends that I help out if I can...I tried to click and help someone but it says they have the new version of the game so I can't help them....How do I go about getting the upgraded version of the game?


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    If you are on a Windows platform and don't have the auto update for apps turned on, this is how you manually update:

    1) Make sure the game is closed, not minimized.
    2) Open the Microsoft Store.
    3) Click on the "..." on the right hand side of the menu bar next to your profile.
    4) Choose "Downloads and updates".
    5) Even if Township does not show up on the list, click the "Get Update" button, and Township will update. (If it wasn't there before, Township will show up in the list after, marked as updated.)
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    If iOS, IE: iPhone, iPad:

    Go to the App Store
    Click on Updates at the bottom of the screen
    Touch, hold and pull down on the screen
    Any updates available will be on the top of the screen

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