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Thread: Why Aren't We Being Paid?

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    Why Aren't We Being Paid?

    We build these factories and community buildings, why aren't we being paid for their use? It would help tremendously in upping our money inflow. Population uses the movie theatre I built, it cost them $5 which comes into my account. Would be able to do more things then!

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    There are other "city" type games where you collect taxes (property, sales) from the various buildings. Those games are very different from Township. Personally I don't care about how happy my townsfolk are and I'm glad they don't make nasty faces at me or march in protest in the streets.

    Your citizens are happy to pay you for products through the helicopter orders. You can make a lot of coins by concentrating on higher paying orders. One strategy is to ignore orders for less that a chosen amount, I chose 1000 coins. Also I delete any order that asks for more than 1 of each item. Both rules have some wiggle room if I'm working on a Regatta Task for Helicopter Orders.

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