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Thread: Sir Goldflipper

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    Sir Goldflipper


    I very much dislike the Sir Goldflipper character and, every week, dread its arrival and can't wait for its departure. I don't like its appearance, personality, or screen-hogging mannerisms. Penguins aren't found in aquariums, and they eat fish. Its a stupid idea and I wish you'd consider abolishing it.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    I agree .Sir Gold Flipper always seems to be in the way, sitting exactly where I want to place something. It's happened so often that I now go to another aquarium, wait for him to arrive there, then quickly switch back to may original tank and place my item before he returns. Shouldn't have to be so difficult! Why can't we just drag him with a finger to another area of the aquarium? Would be so much easier.

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    I hav often wondered why Fishdom created a character that the fish make fun of? How helpful is that? The fish that make fun of his stories-- I mean those fish are actually bullies, right? Fishdom-- not the best examples for everyone else in the aquarium. Just sayin'

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    Hi guys! Thanks for your feedback I've already passed it onto our dev team so that they could consider it for our future improvements

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