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Thread: Zoo animals not moving?

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    Zoo animals not moving?

    I haven’t bothered with the zoo for awhile but needed to use up some building materials so I went back to upgrade some stuff and build a new enclosure. I noticed that the animals in th enclosure aren’t moving around any more, they used to do cute animations. Is this a glitch? I’m on IOS 12.

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    I guess so. You'd best restart game and device completely, and check again. If still no animations, report it from ingame.
    How to do that is described in the Troubleshooting subforum. Be aware that you must reply to the automated receipt reply - just click "no, didn't help" (unless it did), and copy&paste your original text.
    Good luck

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    I notice in my zoo that animals are not moving at first. I have to keep looking at the same area for the animations to kick in.
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    now I checked that in my zoo, Graylady, and yes, some need a bit to move "more", like penguins and tiger and black panthers. But they move tails even before and never gave me a "liveless" impression. Others, like the elephants, move right away.
    Maybe the animals we get later in the game move less?
    And I assume(d) the OP looked a bit longer / long enough at them for the statement "aren't moving anymore".
    we'll see

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    I’ve rechecked, restarted my device, tried tapping on the animals, etc. still the same thing. Some animals give a slight movement (tails etc), but when I first opened the zoo, they’d do way more, the chimp babies would climb trees or get a hug from the mom chimp, the polar bears were fishing and sliding on the ice part, etc. that’s what seems to have stopped. Now they just sit there, which is boring. Why would I try to complete the zoo if the animals don’t do anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carefactorminus1 View Post
    Why would I try to complete the zoo if the animals don’t do anything?
    and why don't you go back to post nr 2 then, where is described what you could do?

    Today I watched the elephants again (cos their movement is obvious and I remembered it), when I entered my zoo, and indeed, they didn't move. Not after a while either. But it was repaired by re-entering the zoo. Phew, as I have a different report open already. Very strange in any case.

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    Mine seem to spend a while just kinda resting (I can see them breathing though, eerily enough, lol) and then the more detailed and conspicuous animations begin. Then it cycles back to another rest period and so on.. It doesn't look like a fault to me - just a change.

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    Wouldn't be the first time Playrix changed something for the worse, but as usual with no explanation from Playrix, we're just wildly guessing, so it would be a good idea (IMO) to simply ask about it being a bug via a report, their chosen way.

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    Yep I noticed this also. I timed my tigers and penguins and both took 27 seconds before they started to move around.

    ETA Well I didn't really notice until I read this thread

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