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Thread: Regatta Tasks List??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Hi Leilani - the horrible fires are to the North of me and to the South of me, so not in any fire danger. Smoke collects in the big bowl known as the Central Valley (where I live) and the air quality is awful. BUT, I will not complain because the tragedy faced by so many is just too awful to compare to minor issues. Rain is coming, which is both a good thing (air quality and putting out the fires), but also a bad thing for those who are displaced and homeless, and for any flooding or other issues of ashy muck. Lotsa prayers for all who are suffering through this.

    I am relieved to hear you are safe. I did hear rain was on the way but as you said, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

    Stay safe my friend!

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    Smooches, Leilani.

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    Who can take a reserved regatt a task? Not a new question but I thought it was only elders or leaders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanyville View Post
    Who can take a reserved regatt a task? Not a new question but I thought it was only elders or leaders.
    Everyone can take a reserved task, there are restrictions only on who can reserve tasks. That is set by leader/co-leaders in the co-op's settings - some co-ops set it to everyone to be able to reserve, some only elders or above, others only for co-leaders and leaders. It's up to each co-op to decide.
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    Thanks for that. Our leader cancelled the reservation option for everyone as we have a few new and even old members who didn't respect that. Now there are people who ask/beg for tasks to be saved for them in chat. Again the same few take them anyway. Makes it hard to be a team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by petcircus 5 View Post
    Hello Downton,

    Thanks so much for your detailed explanation. As I mentioned, if I’m not sure about a task I skip it. Unfortunately not knowing could come back and bite me on the backside.
    You're very welcome petcircus

    Quote Originally Posted by petcircus 5 View Post
    Actually Downton, I didn’t have a clue as to how these tasks worked. I’m still a newbie when it comes to the regatta so your info was extremely helpful.
    So glad to hear it, I just wanted to make sure I caused no offense,

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    OMG, I've been waiting for months to find the right thread to 'brag' about this!!!!

    I had a pick axe task and saved the ore in case a regular mining task came up.....the point (besides my bragging) is that ore can be left in the mine and collected later....but on to my bragging, lol


    Had 18 ore waiting!!! Best I've ever done!

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    Does anyone know why certain yacht club items aren't available to purchase Thanks

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    Hi Julie. Yacht Club decor is available depending on what league you are in. You have to be in Gold League to purchase all 4 decor items.

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    Yeah I am in gold league but one of the items has a ships wheel and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue or knew the reason for it Thanks

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