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Thread: What affects your place in regatta?

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    What affects your place in regatta?

    I’ve been racing for quite some time in a 2 person regatta. Every week there are several teams who earn perfect scores. What determines what place you get if everyone is perfect? Is it based on who finishes first? Or does the number of dumps also play a role? It seems impossible to ever finish first if you’re not willing to stay up late for the start, not sleep until your tasks are done and/or pay to finish tasks early. What gives?

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    It's decided on speed, Akcraw. Dumps only affect the Global Leaderboard score, as seen here, not your race score or position.

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    Első helyen végeztem, mégis csak a második helyet adta meg ,miért? Screenshot_2018-12-03-14-27-19.jpg

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    What's the matter ? We have problems this regatta and it's impossible to progress
    We only received short taks min than 135 pts more than 571 little taks for only 27 with 135 pts

    Sorry I don't speak English and cannot explain very well but we are great fan of regatta except this !
    2 in a co-op is an handicap and for win we cannot have a so great number of taks to erase ?

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