Hi Playrix staff. I wanted to offer a compromise suggestion. I really need coins badly and wanted to suggest doing the aquasplash (getting extra coins) at the 3rd, 8th, and 15th levels only.

So the levels of the treasure chests that you currently giv out a few coins and a booster--they would be aquasplash levels and we'd get coins like a regular level.

I need the last stars in three aquariums and one is 120,000 beauty points and the other two are 59,000 and 48,000 beauty points.

(To me this translates into needing abt 454,000 coins if I only buy things that cost 100,000 coins. It just keeps getting more um silly is the nicest word I can think of. I currently hav 80,000 coins.)

This is after all the "extra" beauty points added with things from the Halloween event.

I've worked for the past three weeks just to get coins to buy the most expensive things for my tanks and I still hav this much left that I need.

Do you all talk amongst yourselves abt how truly silly these beauty point requirements hav become? I think you all just laugh at us these days.