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Thread: How to merge co-ops

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    How to merge co-ops

    I know this may sound dumb but I really don't know how two co-ops would merge together. Our co-op has our leader and our members the other the same. Since we have put the suggestion out to the other group we'd like to know how to do it. Most of the members in the other co-op don't speak english including their leader but they do have at least 3 members that do.We'v already thought about sending a personal invitation to one of there english speaking members who thought merging was a good idea. Please advise. Thx

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    In order to merge co-ops, you must have a way of communicating with the co-op you want to merge with. That way, you can invite all players from the second co-op to join yours (or the other way around), or create a new co-op which members from both co-ops can join.
    As for who will be leader and co-leaders, that must be discussed and agreed before.
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    Bunny, before merging, especially with a co-op where you don't all speak the same language, make sure everybody in both co-ops is happy with the merge. Make sure you agree on all rules and how they will be enforced and the consequences of not following those rules. And yes, as dreadnought says make sure you agree everyone's roles before you join.

    If it is to be a true merger and not just one co-op being swallowed by another both co-ops need somebody to have a say in how things are done. So make sure the co-op you are joining doesn't have a FB chat where they agree new rules... or if they do make sure one of your co-op is invited to it. (Speaking from a bad experience here... )

    Good luck with it.

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    Technically you can't merge coops.

    So your options are:

    1) All members from first coop leave that coop join the second coop
    2) All members from the second coop leave that coop and join the first coop
    3) One member starts a new coop and all members from the first and second coops leave their coops and join the new one.

    A few things to consider

    - There can be only one ... leader in this case

    -You need to find a way to communicate and agree things first on the logistics of how to do it

    -In the interest of harmony you probably need to establish and agree your common rules/ guidelines of how things will operate once merged. eg status of members, regatta rules.. etc etc

    - You might wish to send an ambassador from each coop to the other one, to join the other coop and chat things thru before proceeding

    - You might want to consider making the coops "by request only" so that other members outside the 2 coops don't join and cause confusion while you're doing it. eg wouldn't like the coop to fill up so and old member can't join

    - Consider leaving one person in the coop(s) being left, to keep it open, just in case it doesn't work out/ goes wrong, so everyone could go back
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