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    I’m excited too, I have the perfect place for some of these!

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    I think i will expand my resort area to include a jungle area..Am really liking these decos.

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    Ooh with out realizing it I had already set up a sort of inland oasis for this theme to fit into right behind my current bungalows! I’m super excited about this season, I really like all the decor and will purchase them all, more than likely. While I do agree with you Nana that the gorilla is a little too smilie, at least it’s not a floating cow! Lolz So, yea silver linings, and I’ll take ‘em where I can get ‘em!

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    Can someone tell me how much the Jungle Village dec in Gold league costs please? TIA

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    My Primate department in the Zoo is now completely finished.
    Just wondering if I see Urang utan, Gibbon or Sloth next to my Chimps

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    Jungle village is 200 tokens. Waterfall in lost city is not moving which is disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katville View Post
    Jungle village is 200 tokens. Waterfall in lost city is not moving which is disappointing.
    Thanks Katville I agree, very disappointed the waterfall has no movement.

    Ruud your primate area looks really great, the jungle decs have blended with your enclosures perfectly

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    Oh, how spoiled we have all become with animation. LOL. The still waterfall is a dud, I agree.

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    Lol, yes we have become spoiled with animation Nana and our expectations are high

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    I’m loving the new decor. I love how the lost city ties in so well with the flooded tower and underwater temple. I too wish playrix would make animals look more real instead of caricatures. I’m still debating whether I should add the banana eating ape to my zoo.

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