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    The Jungle World Season Decor

    Hey, everyone!

    Take a peek at the WILD DECORATIONS awaiting you shortly! 🌴

    Are you thrilled about the upcoming REGATTA SEASON, guys? 🔽

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    Personally, I'm so excited about these ones I've remodelled my town just to make space for them!

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    These look amazing and I can’t wait to get them!

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    What a huge disappointment. At first I thought I would put the “monkey” scenes in my Zoo. But a closer look at the chimps, all I see are clownish faces on them - not even up to the Zoo chimp standards which at least try to render them semi-realistically.

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    If they’re hairy and like bananas, that’s good enough for me! But, in all seriousness, I see what you mean. They aren’t exactly the most realistic looking monkeys- even if it’s Township- and I feel like they could’ve gone for a better monkey design.

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    I shan't be looking at mine closely so it's fine with me

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    But wait, what’s this? On their FB page, it shows the decos and their animations, but one thing stood out for me: where are the orangutans/orangutan on the tree hanging over the pond? It merely shows a boat floating on the river, with a tour guide showing the people all the different things around, with no orangutan! Literally unplayable /s

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    I think this is the first season where I'll probably get every single one. I think these are great!
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    Likewise, Nevada. It feels like this entire season was made just for the zoo!

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    I'm going to try and mix the "lost city" with the older "flooded tower" and the "sunken temple". It seems they would match up nicely.

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