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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Jun 2020

    COOP Merger to Yorkshire Terriers

    Looking to locate a coop that wants to merge would like to do better in the regatta and would welcome a merger with another coop. Currently have 9 players who all do well but due to the low number it is difficult to move forward. Welcome chat with leaders who are interested.

    Playing on kindle.

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    New Group looking for team mates to win regattas

    We are a fun-loving group, seeking active players. We like to help others.
    Coop Name - Haven
    Platform - iOS/ Android / kindle
    Co-op tag - #HV7YNC
    Required level - 20
    Type - Open
    One golden rule - Pl respect reserved tasks.
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    Mitsegler gesucht/ Join us

    Coop: Den Wind im Rücken/ #DEN4RM
    System: Android
    Level: 25+
    Language: DE
    Goal: golden league

    Mitsegler gesucht :-)

    Regattateilnahme wird erwartet.

    Wenn es mal nicht klappt, unbedingt für die Woche vor Rennbeginn von der Regatta abmelden.

    Hilfsbereitschaft im Koop wird erwartet (auch bei Nicht-Teilnahme an der Regatta!)

    Mindestanzahl von Regattaaufgaben bzw. Punkten wird vor Rennbeginn im Koop bekanntgegeben.

    Jede Art von Aufgaben darf reserviert werden (ab Rang Senator). Reservierte Aufgaben dürfen nicht "gestohlen" werden.


    Join us :-)

    Must take part in regatta.

    If you can't take part for a week, you'll have to opt out before race starts.

    You'll have to be helpfull (even when not participating in regatta!)

    Number of tasks to be taken/ points to be reached will be told each week before race starts.

    You may reserve any kind of task (rank elder or above) . No "stealing" of reserved tasks.

    Coop's language is german. Others are very welcome but must understand coop chat. Rules and weekly goals are given in german. Use a translator if necessary.

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    Looking for active players to join us in gold league.

    We just want to have fun and win prizes!
    We are a small coop looking for a few more players to join us. We love to help our teammates and play the Regatta! We have a FB group for strategy and getting to know each other better. We have experienced players and not so experienced players but we all work together to make a great team. We like to win but not super competitive, it’s more about having fun and helping each other. Join us to see if you fit into our cooperative group!

    Platform: is iOS/Android
    Co-op name and Code: Cooperative players and Code: CZQVYR
    Accepted town level: LEVEL 40
    Any Co-op rules: English chat, minimum 5 completed tasks per race, pls help teammates
    Any Co-op goals: We are gold league and want to stay gold and win the trophy again!
    How players should contact you about joining: Open group, just join.
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    Join a coop where Great Minds ThinkAlike!!!

    We are recruiting players! We're an AWESOME team: respectful & helpful! We speak English, although for many it’s not a native tongue and that’s fine. We also know it’s only a game & not real life! The game should be fun & respectful and most importantly drama free!!!

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Great Minds ThinkAlike #GRECM4
    Accepted town level: 35
    Any Co-op rules:
    —English speaking: different people from different countries trying to speak in a language that may not be native sometimes comes across wrong to different people - be respectful and ask for clarification before jumping to conclusions
    —Earn minimum 1000 Regatta points a week
    —Help as much as possible
    —Be communicative in the chat and be kind and respectful
    —Reservations allowed on prep tasks only (Factories, Harvest, Islands receiving, & Combos with prep tasks; (NOT: plane, train, helicopter, zoo, mine, or sending ships out to certain islands)
    —Dump under 120-125 points depending on task until last two days, then keep on board unless longer task and short time to complete (helps those struggling to get 1000 points by end of regatta)
    —You must participate in weekly regatta - if you can’t, be sure to let us know and opt yourself out before start of next race
    —Okay to hop during interseason - just come back!!

    Any Co-op goals: not really - we play between silver and gold - nice to get into gold but some weeks are harder than others.

    How players should contact you about joining: just join and we will check stats to accept!!

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    Platform: ios/android
    Co-op name and Code: GREAT GIFTERS
    Accepted town level: 50
    Any Co-op rules:*Join and have fun!
    Any Co-op goals:*a no pressure, fun filled co-op
    How players should contact you about joining:*Just join!

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    The Teamy

    Platform: ios/Android
    Co-op name and Code: The Teamy #HENU62
    Accepted town level: 25 (Will be changed if needed)
    Any Co-op rules: English speakers preferably, Be Nice and most importantly have fun! Abuse will not be tolerated.
    Any Co-op goals: Our goal is one in the same... Have fun, be respectful and remember it's just a game. There are no regatta requirements.
    How players should contact you about joining: Open Group at the moment.

    Our Co-op has been together as a group for over a year with some, and a few months with others. We are family friendly and looking for fellow township family members to join us! We do not thrive to be the best however that would be an extra benefit if it were to happen. We are open and here to help anyone that decides to give us a try. There are currently 7 members in our co-op and we would love to grow and prosper. Hopefully see you in The Teamy!

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    Co-op name: United Towns
    Co-op tag: #UN9JY3
    Co-op status: By request
    Platform: Android / iOS
    Number of members: 11
    Required level: 40
    Language: ENGLISH

    We are a small active and Very helpfully/ respective Co-op with intention to stay so. Our actual members are the result of a neat selection after a lot of weeding.
    Regatta is not obligated but a minimum of 1000 points are required from those who participate in however many tasks.
    Once per saison we go for a full 15/16 135 points tasks regatta.
    If you are a active, respectful and helpful player who likes a bit of a challenge now and then, we would be happy to have you with us.
    Our objective is a Co-op of +- 15 members who stick together so actually there is a vacancy for 4 more members.

    Quality above quantity !

    Présentation is required when applying in-game.

    Wish you all the very best ,

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    Johnalex Zarco

    Smile United Federation Coop in Township Mobile

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: United Federation, #UN28CX
    Accepted town level: 19+
    Any Co-op rules: We are an English speaking co-op. Are rules are the following -
    • Members must be on at least 2 times a month, and should show activity in the chat by requesting help, saying hi, etc. Inactive members will be kicked. If you cannot be active in the regatta, please opt out of the regatta.
    • Do not Gossip. We are a co-op that plays this game for fun, not a tabloid.
    • Do not plot against eachother. We are the united federation, not the divided federation.
    • Respect eachother.
    • Respect Leadership.
    • Do not dump regatta tasks. Leave that to appointed coleaders and the leader.
    • Be Loyal. If you leave, don't come back.
    • Dont promote or remove without permission. Leave promoting to the leader and appointed coleaders.
    • Always display online Status.
    • Do not accept new members to the coop without permission.
    • Please tell the coop when you invite new members.

    Any Co-op goals: We just want to establish a peaceful well-organized group that works together. We are non-competitive in regattas.
    How players should contact you about joining: You can contact me here on the forums (just be patient, I only check here once or twice a week), message our Facebook Page, or you can contact me personally via my personal Facebook page (again, please be patient, I am not on here very often).

    Thank-you, we hope to see you soon!

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    Plattform: Windows
    Koop-Name: Spielwiese
    Code: #SPDRW9
    Alle Koop-Regeln: Deutsch, Hilfe wird gerne gesehen.
    Benötigte Stufe: 19
    Wie Spieler Sie kontaktieren sollten, um Mitglied zu werden: Schreibe dich einfach in den Koop Spielwiese ein.

    Hallöchen zusammen

    Der Koop Spielwiese sucht neue Mitglieder die mit uns spielen wollen.
    Wir sind zwar noch klein aber mit eurer Hilfe können wir wachsen.
    Wenn ihr also Lust und noch keinen Koop habt, dann tritt doch bei uns bei.
    Wir würden uns freuen.

    Liebe Grüsse
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