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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Active co-op whose active, loves to help others and meet new friends XD

    Golden league co-op
    PLATFORM: IOS/Andriod
    Co-op name and Code: Texas 2.0 #EXD652
    Accepted town level:50
    Any Co-op rules: ENG speakers only pls, , 15/16 task min... 135pt task only We have a semi reserve policy (first 2 days no reserves. after the first 2 days we alow a 3hr reserve limit. anything after what is up for grabs. 150+ help min.
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc). Our goal is to get a solid team where we are able to maintain gold statues. We would love to be top 3 but our main goal is to maintain while having fun.
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc). Facebook message or just join

    We do have our own co-op Facebook to keep better in touch if that is something our members are interested in joining, however it is not mandatory.
    we do expect all members to be active unless real life happens but we request that you let a leader know that you will be unactive for a bit. If members are not able to do reg requirements we ask they opt out and just help those who are racing.. We love to be fair and have no drama.

    We hope to see you there!!

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    PLATFORM: IOS/Android
    Co-op name and Code: Wolf #W4UVE6
    Accepted town level: 30
    Any Co-op rules: No reserves, active members who help each other while having fun
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc). Gold league
    How players should contact you about joining: Just join!

    We're an active, international co-op that's building up in strength. We only chat in game, and like to enjoy the game while participating fully in the regatta and helping each other out as much as possible. Come join us!
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    Like, g'day, eh!! <Insert Bob & Doug Mackenzie Theme Music>

    We're like looking for other hosers (and non-hosers who want to join our Canadian crew), eh!

    But seriously, I am looking for more people to join us. An interest in participating in the Regattas and helping our Co-op members out as much as possible is a must. We're semi-casual, but I do want us to be a Regatta Co-op.

    Platform: Android
    Current League: We slide between Copper and Steel Leagues
    Co-op name: Canadian Rockies, eh!
    Co-op code/tag: #CN8PFN
    Accepted town level: Level 45+
    Language: English Only

    Any Co-op rules:
    Semi-Casual. RT Comes First but participation highly encouraged. Please PM me here in the forums if you will anticipate being away for extended time due to vacation/illness/family events or situations.
    -- 21+
    -- 2 Tasks/Regatta minimum
    -- Any member with a 0-Help/Task count (in general or specifically in Regatta) without prior notification will be removed.
    -- No Reserving Tasks. Try to let others know if you've got an interest in a specific Task, whether in the game or in our Discord.
    -- No Dumping Tasks. We take what we get and do our best to get it filled with help from our "Hozer" mates.

    Any Co-op goals:
    -- Regatta Participation and good cooperation to gain rewards each week
    -- Teamwork-Geared
    -- Fun, semi-casual, social Co-op atmosphere.

    How players should contact you about joining:
    -- PM here and/or search for us via Co-op Tag.
    -- Membership currently BY REQUEST.

    NOTE: I want this to be a fun, social group and a place where we can all relax, enjoy the game, and the company. Be respectful at all times.

    Co-op Tag: #CN8PFN

    We also have a basic Discord for anyone interested in joining it:
    Discord Invite Code: zHrrDb7
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    Lady Kendra
    Township "Mayor" of Kendra's Village
    Leader of "Canadian Rockies, eh!" Co-op
    Kendra's Village/My Invite Code: 4BJFEM
    "Canadian Rockies, eh!" Code/Tag: #CN8PFN

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    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle

    Co-op name and Code:
    **Kissabella’s Co-op, Code: KS8FN8

    Accepted town level: 19

    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc).
    **We all speak English so understanding English would be beneficial. Mainly we are easy going and like to have fun. We have seven members but only three that constantly participate and always do their share of Regatta tasks. Of the three, we are willing to spend Township cash to have the Dealer to help us so we can help other members. We ask others to use to the chat to complete tasks or before selecting Regatta tasks. But the other four members do not pay attention.

    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc).
    **We just got into the Gold League and are not doing well due to lack of cooperation, participation, and most of all, communication from our Co-op members. Ideally we would like our members to do as many tasks as possible (15/15). But we also know life gets in the way and this game is not life. So we simply ask that you communicate with us, ask for help when needed, put the Co-op before other personal gain activities (individual games), share crops and items when you can, and if you are going to have a busy week or cannot compete, let us know and excuse yourself from the Regatta for that week.

    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).
    **You can PM me on the forum, or search for our Co-op on the game. Right now we are an open group.

    Thank you and look forward to maybe having some new members who enjoy playing the game!!!

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    PLATFORM: Windows
    RULES: Must select to opt out if not competing in regatta, no invite required, must be an active daily player.

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    Wir suchen nach neuen Koop Mitgliedern!!

    Plattform:Ios oder Android
    Koop Name/Code: Garten der Träume #GRVXQ5
    benötigtes Level: 19
    momentane Liga: Silber
    only German!
    Wir suchen Spieler, die ganz entspannt spielen wollen, ganz ohne Druck. Es gibt KEINE Mindestanzahl an Aufgaben, allerdings wenn ihr mal keine Regatta machen wollt, müsst ihr euch von der Regatta abmelden. Schaut bei uns vorbei, wenn ihr neben der Arbeit oder dem stressigen Alltag ganz in Ruhe ohne Druck spielen möchtet. Wir freuen uns über jeden der beitritt

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    1. iOS/Android/Kindle
    2. Kleenex Box / #KE4FFX
    3. English, Reserve long tasks; Must be helpful
    4. Gold League and having fun is the goal of our co-op
    5. Active Players, we all play and chat daily!

    We are a friendly, respectful and helpful team; looking for daily players like us.
    Aim for Top 3 in Regatta, must communicate in chat; English Communication.
    If busy opt out, display online status, and complete 15 at 130 or above tasks.
    No Drama please, just want to enjoy the game; it is our fun relaxing zone
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    Looking for Level 65-67 Teammates! =)

    1) iOS/Android/Kindle
    2) TuRbO tOwN #UR9SDR
    3) Level 65-Level 67
    4) English, 6 task minimum is preferred, stealing reserved tasks prohibited, have fun!
    5) Silver, but an occasional Gold would be great!
    6) Just join in-game!

    I didn't create this co-op to be strict or stressful. I would just like to find some like-minded players around my level who enjoy playing the game and set a goal for themselves (be it 6 tasks on busy weeks, or 12 tasks on non-busy weeks). I understand we all have real lives and sometimes 12 tasks is not possible. Please join if you enjoy playing and will participate and help other players in each regatta. Look forward to seeing you there!


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    Teammembers wanted for our friendly coop. Silver league regatta (for now), helpful teammembers and an active chat

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name:Blue Cow Community
    Co-op Game Code:UMJK63
    Entrance Level:19

    We are looking for players who want to help each other where we can and get some tasks done. I can imagine not everyone is able to play always. We all have stuff to do, but in a team if everyone does a little bit it helps a lot. Currently we have 26 members with 15 active racers, we are in the silver league of the regatta so we need more

    Like i said, we all have stuff to do next to gaming. So 2 tasks a week should be pretty much the minimum, if not you can still join but optout of the regatta and help the team with requests!

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    Team members needed

    We are a small team looking for more players who are willing to participate and help others. The more tasks everyone participates in the better the rewards are for everyone. We all have busy lives or something unexpected happens but all team players are expected to either
    1. Participate in / complete tasks
    2. Help other players in need
    3. Opt out if unable to participate

    Communication is always welcome. This is a fun co-op but we would like to progress and want team members who are willing to participate and help us reach our goals. We are looking forward to having you join our great team.

    Co-op tag: ZVGMEV
    JJ’s Township - 58
    Level: 25
    Platform: Android & IOS
    Just click on join

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