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Thread: Co-op ads

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    United Towns looking for friendly members to join our new Co-op!

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android
    Co-op name and Code: United Towns #UN9JY3
    Accepted town level: 19
    Any Co-op rules: Chat In English. We are a brand new Co-op and would love to create a team of friendly players happy to chat and help each other. We enjoy regattas, but there’s no pressure to perform to a certain standard, we all have lives to live and responsibilities, games should be about fun and relaxation
    Any Co-op goals: Enjoy!
    How players should contact you about joining: Just come and join - we look forward to welcoming you! #UN9JY3

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    Oregon, USA
    Consistently Gold League co-op seeking new members.

    We are a group of three looking to grow, whether it be one member at a time or by small group mergers. We met while in a large co-op, moved together to another co-op, then decided to form our own. That was over 2 years ago, and we are still going strong. If you are looking for support, look no further. Our group supports each other, even if not playing each day.

    Co-op Name: Moonlit Estuary
    Co-op tag: M2Q45N
    Platform: iOS/ Android/Kindle
    Req Town Level: 80
    Language: English

    We don’t have a lot of rules, but here are a few things we have agreed to:
    1.) We prefer 16/135 tasks currently, but this can be lowered once the group gets larger.
    2.) We allow reserves on most tasks (more info once you apply to join).
    3.) We request that members help other members even if you have opted out of racing (some exceptions apply).
    4.) We request that you join our Messenger chat for communications outside the game chat board.

    You can contact me by forum PM or by Messenger to Moonlit Estuary.
    Town: Morgan's Landing (Level 110)
    Gold league Co-op: Moonlit Estuary #M2Q45N
    iOS system (iPad Air2)
    Friend Code: #JDFN5V
    FB Group: Moonlit Estuary@Township

    I hope you stop by my town for a visit, it gets remodeled often.
    The penguins’ snow village has gone, but the water park island is now open!
    I hope you “like” my town.

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    What does your heart beat for?

    Each of us has a purpose and passion that moves us. What does your heart beat for? We are a Christian based co-op looking to grow. We are seeking active players who are helpful, friendly, kind, and courteous always.

    Co-op Name: Heartbeat
    Co-op Tag: #6PND76
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Platform: Android/Kindle/iOS
    Required Level: 70** (see below if not met)
    Language: English Only

    Our goal is to maintain Gold League status. The following requirements help our team achieve this goal...
    • 16 x 135
    • Delay start (Start time at 8 A.M. CST)
    • Reservations allowed on prep tasks only (Factories, Harvest, Islands, & Combos tasks)
    • If unable to meet co-op goals, life gets busy, or you need a break we ask that you communicate with us and opt out before start of next race.
    • Don't need to be chatty but communication is important during a race. So we request that everyone joins our FB Messenger Chat group to better collaborate.
    • Absolutely No Profanity or Drama will be tolerated!

    It takes heart to play competitively and compassionately while keeping the Heart of Gold! Are you ready to share some good times?
    Looking forward to hearing from you. PM me on FB Messenger - Leana Skinner.

    **If you currently don't meet the minimum required level to join but feel the above spoke to you and you'd like the chance to learn more, feel free to message me on FB Messenger as per above if you...
    1. Are very eager to level up quickly
    2. Are at least level 19
    3. Would like the opportunity to race in the Ragatta with a great team
    4. Want amazing support in a drama free zone
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    Hi, l have recently started my own co-op & would love some members. I am on level 60 but it doesn't matter what your level is. It is an english speaking group & all l ask is that you are friendly helpful & play regatta.

    The town's name is Monaghan Town , platform is Windows 10 & the tag is #MN6Q2D

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    Welcome to NeighborSupport*
    ( #NEWZY9 ).*
    We are an international team who excels in helping. We are recruiting new dedicated racers who want to join a family, play daily and have fun.
    * Minimum level - 50
    * Platform - iOS/Android/Kindle
    * Join - By request
    * Flag - teal background with light teal butterfly
    * Language - Must speak English or be willing to learn

    We require:
    *Min requirement to race: 8 X 130 pts.
    *If life gets busy or you need a break, we ask that you communicate with us and opt out.
    *We have a closed Facebook page which we use for communication and mentoring. Teammates are welcome to join. Joining is not mandatory.

    Our goal is to stay in the gold league, but we fluctuate btw silver and gold. Realm life is not as important as family, school and work.

    Our motto is give and you shall receive. We are a family who promotes fun, friendship, communication, sharing, caring and generous giving.*

    Racing Onward,*

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    Join Pi2!

    A fun, laid back co-op. No strict rules, just active players looking for fellow helpful friendly players.

    Platform: iOS/Android
    Co-op Name & Code: Pi2 , #P2DGGS,
    Accepted town level: 20
    Co-op Rules: English language, Help each other, we enjoy the regatta but not super competitive.
    Co-op Goals: have fun!
    Come check us out.

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    Southern California

    The Oasis Township Family is the place to be 🥳.

    Platform: iOS, Android, Kindle

    International players welcome!
    We have regular and speed barn hop groups!
    Must speak English and use FB Messenger.

    We only do 135 point tasks with no reserves in all of our co-ops.
    16 tasks required in all co-ops except Koala.

    🌺Oasis Outrigger-#S4JV4W level 75+, finish asap-12 hours max.
    🌼Oasis Kalani- #WS8VER Level 65+, finish within 48 hours max.
    🌴Oasis Haku- #8UFVX6 Level 55+, finish in 4 days max.
    🌸Oasis Luau- #V4D62Y Level 19+, No time limit.
    🐨Oasis Koala- #SY39Y9 Level 19+, 4 task minimum, no time limit.

    Co-ops are set to ”by request” so join us today! Or you can send a FB messenger message to ot.townshiprecruitment.

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    Co-op name: Sailing around the world
    Code: #S5CF7J
    Accepted town level: 85
    Status: by request
    Language: english
    Platform: android/iOS
    135/all tasks, no actual reservations instead: the division of tasks is handled by chat and planning

    The journey has begun on 3.3.2020, so this is a new co-op: helpful/strategic/competitive and on the way to the Golden League⛵

    What we need to win: strategy, preparation, hard work, communication/team work. This ship sails to victory: Join the crew, if you're competitive, daily active, helpful, communicate during the regatta and follow the rules/strategy. You really need to understand and be able to write in english.

    When we are in the Golden League: for two weeks of the season, we play discipline and strategically, the other two weeks more relaxed, but in such a way that we don't end up in the silver league.

    We are on this ship together, and if someone doesn't follow the rules, we all sink and suffer. Therefore it's important that we all work together. And if you break any rules --> you will end up on a plank.

    I'm looking for a good and committed crew. Instead, I'll help you when I can, share tips how speed up your tasks, and allow you to play casually without pressure if this style of play really suits you.

    When everything works, we can enjoy the game even though we play competitively. Our t-cash is also saved in this way. Thanks!

    -Snowflake 109lvl

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    Hello looking for people who enjoy the game and are willing to join a new Coop. I'm a level 70 player and have been in coop's that just didn't do anything, so I have started my own

    Platform: Windows
    Co-op goals: Reggata and helping others

    Town Name: Zala and Vincent Ville
    Friend Code: 6NSNTD
    Town Level: 70
    Language: ENG
    Co-op Name and Code: Fun Town / #FUNJWN



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    Co-op name: United Towns
    Co-op tag: #UN9JY3
    Co-op status: Open
    Platform: Android and IOS
    Required level: 19
    Language: English/French (good to practice either language )

    We are a non stressful start-up Co-op who doesn’t care about cup’s.
    No obligation neither to participate in regatta as long as you opted out.

    Réservation of tasks is allowed when properly used.

    Be helpful and you’ll be helped and Chatting is welcome as long as it stays reasonable and doesn’t drown helping requests

    As said before this is a start-up so if you feel our politics fits then give it it a try and be welcome
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