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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Looking for gold & friends?Join our co-op, Magical Unicorn Farts 🦄 💨 of active users who like to play in Regattas and help each other out. Minimum 5 task & 30 helps per regatta, minimum entry level is 40. #MGCWKF

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    Hog Heaven competitive golden league co-op with no t cash required 😊

    Co op tag:#HG5NGK
    Co op Name: Hog Heaven
    Emblem: purple pig
    Platform: Android
    Language: English
    Level: 40 and up, however we will consider lower levels wanting to learn how to race in golden league:-)
    Size: Currently 10
    1. We do 15 tasks at 133 points and up (most do 16 tasks but that isn't required)
    2. Try to keep reserves at 2 hours, no reserving House of Luck.
    3. We typically delay regatta start by an hour.
    4. Help others
    5. Be awesome! In a humble way;-)

    We are a very active, helpful, and friendly co op. Almost all of us have been racing together for around a year, we left another golden league co op to form Hog Heaven a while back. Laid back atmosphere, we aren't speed racers, so sometimes we are 1st place and sometimes we are 9th or 10th depending on the racing heat ( however we tend to stay golden). You can just come and join us, as the co op is presently set to open, or PM me :-)I would love to hear from you! We love the game, having fun, and racing together! See you soon! :-):-):-)

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Gold league, Top 3

    Co-op name: Chilling Mishmash
    Co-op code: CH6WSV

    (Note: our current number of members will increase next week as we wait for their arrival)

    Accepted town level: Negotiable

    Language: English required

    Any Co-op rules:

    This group is part of a 3 coop Family.

    16 Tasks, 125 or Higher
    No Reservations
    Be a team player
    7 Hour Delayed Start
    Special way to take a task (very simple but we do it slightly different)

    How players should contact you about joining: Please PM me for more information

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    Nebraska, USA

    Need people for Android and Windows platforms.

    Co-op Name: Alien's Revenge (Both Android and Windows)
    Windows Co-op Tag: #9ZDNQE
    Android Co-op Tag: #ZD27WD
    Co-op Status: (Open on Windows)
    Co-op Status: (Open on Android)
    Platforms: Android and Windows 10
    Co-op Requirement Level: (30) for Android
    Co-op Requirement Level: (40) for Windows
    Preferred Language: English (A must, Really)

    We are a very friendly, helpful co-op. We are constantly active and your requests are filled almost instantly. We require a minimum of 50 help's per week and expect a minimum of (7) regatta tasks done. We do allow opt-outs of the regatta but still expect that you fulfill helps and not remain out every single time.
    Our team works together with efficient communication.

    We're looking for people who:
    Are active, are friendly and talkative.
    People who enjoy the regatta and will do as many tasks as they can to
    help our team get further along.

    We have a few rules to follow by: We have a blog that has our Rules/Expectations. for both the Android and Windows platforms.
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    Township Name: - Alien's Revenge
    Co-op Name: - Alien's Revenge
    Platform: - Microsoft Windows and Android
    Rules Blog: -

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    Red face Would Sweet If You'd Come Visit!


    We welcome you to come visit and see if we are the right team for you!
    We are a Moderately to Highly Competitive Co-Op.
    Co-op Name/Code: Chocolate Warriors / #CHUD39
    Town Name/Code: Whoville / PC7BJG (friend code for now...until system decides to change it...again)
    Town Level: 75+
    Facebook Group: Chocolate Warriors - Township

    "If I am found vague, listless or agitated, Administer Chocolate Immediately." Sandra Boynton

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    Co-op goals: Active players that will help each other and join in the regatta.

    Co-op name: Helpful Hands
    Co-op code: #HEHJCE
    Accepted town level: 20
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: We are not a strict co-op with lots of rules, we just ask that you help if you can and that you join in the weekly regetta. We’re very chatty if that’s what you’re after but it’s not a requirement if you just want to play without chatting. Quick promotion to co-leader for active players.

    How players should contact you about joining: Just find us and ask to join.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Helpful Hands. 😁

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    Co OP name: Strong United Blessed
    Co OP tag #: #SR86Y4
    Accepted town level 35
    Co OP goal: to remain in golden league
    Language: understand Englisg
    We are a town of 8 players..we are small but mighty..we remain in gold league for months..Requirements are 12 tasks at 132 points or reserving HOL, 6 Hour limit on all others..sharing is a must. We are a very friendly sharing and daily players..We are always helping each other..especially new players..we do not require anyone to purchase TCASH.
    No pressure just have fun and enjoy the game.

    Please come check us out or message me here

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    Platform: (iOS/Android).
    Co-op goals: we are a helpful co-op that likes to stay in the Gold league.

    Co-op name: Top of The World
    Co-op code: #PJR3ES
    Accepted town level: 60
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: 875+ points or 155 points x 7 tasks, dump all tasks under 125 points
    Reserve: turned off
    How players should contact you about joining: All welcome just come and join

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    19/30 as of now. That number will be decreasing by 4 at the end of the CO-OP
    Looking to rebuild our fun, chatty team filled CO-OP!!
    Platform: Mac, Droid
    Co-op goals: Fair and friendly, work together, atleast 4 tasks per player, per regatta. That number will be rising shortly.

    Co-op name: Mega helpers only
    Co-op code: #MEGWNS
    Accepted town level: 25
    Language: English

    Co-op rules: Must complete 4 tasks or opt out.
    Must help other team members.
    How players should contact you about joining: Just ask to join!
    We really are fun and silly, that's not the problem. We need players that want to compete, to help.


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