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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle

    Co-op Name: Louville
    Co-op League: Golden
    Co-op Code: UF2DVE

    Accepted Town Level: 35+
    Language: English


    - Reservations allowed. No stealing, please!
    - Help fellow players fill crates & product requests
    - Opt-out is ok occasionally. We do understand life happens! All we ask is that you change your settings when you are not participating in the regatta that week.
    - Minimum 10 x 130+ tasks per week; helping other players along the way
    - New members will be granted Elder status after 1 successful week participating in the regatta, so you will have the ability to delete low tasks (below 130).
    - Most of all....have fun . Chatters welcome!

    No contact required...simply join!


    Currently in the Golden League, we are looking forward to creating a friendly, drama free environment for all our participants, while building a strong team willing to work together to keep us there.
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    Onward Upward

    Hello! We're looking for players to join our growing Community.
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: We're currently in the Copper League, and are building momentum to get to the Golden League

    Co-op name: Onward Upward
    Co-op code: #NWMUHY
    Accepted town level: 47
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: We're a supportive group and help each other with requests. Please complete a minimum of 4 tasks per regatta. If you need to opt-out for a week, no problem! Just let us know and opt out if the race that week - we get that people have lives outside of the game. This is a drama-free Zone. Drop by and check us out.

    How players should contact you about joining: Please send a request through the game. Setting is open for now.

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    Looking for active, friendly players to join our co-op and have fun. We are in the gold league and strive to stay there. The team name is Dragon Grove and the code is DRZC9V. Must be level 55 or up. If you would like to join us please check us out!

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    The B Hive needs you

    Platform: Android

    Co-op name: The B Hive
    (may change to The Bee Hive at some point)
    Co-op code: HEGW3S
    Accepted town level: 49 and below preferred but not required.
    Language: ENG

    Leadership: level 44 from a Gold league co-op, averaged all tasks complete and 150 helps per regatta.

    Co-op goals: Strong & Chill....The B Hive is a brand new co-op looking for enthusiastic co-leaders to help get this co-op off the dock. The ultimate goal is to create a team that works together to complete tasks, who are willing to adhere to a simple and clear cut set of rules about membership, and wish to play the game with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Think hive minded.

    Co-op rules: Co-leaders will help set the co-op rules for membership and will be free to promote and demote players based on those rules. Life happens so players will be allowed to opt out of the regatta if a request is made to the team prior to the start of a regatta. If leadership decides to allow task reservations it may be limited to co-leaders only.

    Bonus points if your town name begins with the letter B, lol.

    I need your help (even temporarily if you wish) to make the co-op a reality.
    Search The B Hive and join today!

    God save the Queen Bees!

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    Are you ready to join Brave New World?

    We are looking for racers to join us on our competitive Gold League Squad!

    We pride ourselves on being helpful to each other and very friendly to all of our neighbors. RL always comes first. If you are looking for a place where you can grow and be supported then you have found the right group! Just check out the donations from our members. We are very active in the regatta also and are consistently in Gold League.

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Being competitive Gold League (we are currently in Gold League)

    Co-op name: Brave New World
    Co-op code: #RH2Z9X
    Accepted Level: Accepted Level: Level 40+ (Must have 4 boats, islands and trains)
    Language: English (we do have some Spanish speakers that use translation which is great also)

    Any Co-op rules:

    1. Say Hello once joining.
    2. We expect everyone to help with donations and participate in the regatta or opt out.
    3. We do have new members observe the regatta in the first week once you join us so you can learn how we operate regattas. We do invite people in their second week to join us in the regatta (15 tasks of 130+ points is minimum to participate in the regatta)

    How players should contact you about joining: Best way would be to join us. Feel free to PM me and I’ll get back to you.

    We hope that you will consider joining us! You will not regret it!
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    Aug 2016
    I created a coop for people who focus on mutual help and support and who might mot always want to race in regattas (i.e. because of long working hours etc.). Helping each other is the main focus and I’m happy if theres some chit chat around.

    Plattform: iOS
    Co-op name: The helping hand
    Co-op code: #HECQ87
    Accepted town level: 19
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: helping each other out

    How players should contact you about joining: the coop is open, feel free to join

    Looking forward to meeting you!

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    Co-op Name: Apex Legends
    Co-op Tag: #PESVQV
    Co-op Competitiveness: Moderate
    Co-op Goals: We would love to hit golden league and stay there.
    Number of Members: 22/30
    Level Requirement: 30
    Main Language: English
    Platform: Android/iOS/Kindle

    About us: We've been a chill and friendly co-op from start in last month, some are more casual than others, but we like to keep it competitive. Globally co-op with members across the whole world, we usually fill each other’s requests pretty fast. We got trophy each season until silver league and got 4th in our first season in silver...

    Reason for seeking more members: Some of the most competitive members quit, joined friends co-op or own nations co-ops.

    We're looking for people who: We would like to have new, friendly, active and helpful peoples! Currently we are looking for members who will complete at least 5+ task, but our task requirement will be higher for almost every week that goes. You need to help others out. If you are unable to hit the requirements, just or feel free to opt out for the week. We will kick out those who do not respect our rules.

    Our rules:
    - Do at least 5 task.
    - Help others out – single digits is not encouraged
    - Dump tasks under 115 points
    - Opt out the weeks or give us a message that you will be too busy to play
    - Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    Contact Us: You can private message me in this forum and I should respond relatively quickly.

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    The Good Neighbor Group is looking for friendly, helpful players!

    Platform: Android/iOS/Kindle
    Co-op Name: Good Neighbor Group / Co-op Tag: #GKDHHC
    Co-op Goals: Help each other out and have fun!
    Co-op Competitiveness: Casual. See Regatta info below for details.
    Co-op Icon Description: Copper frame, farm tools on green background
    Number of Members: Currently 8/30
    Level Requirement: 30. This is negotiable if your help stats are high.
    Language: English
    Join Coop: By Request in-game

    About Good Neighbors:
    - First and foremost we are about helping each other out. Though some things could conceivably change in the future as we evolve, this will always remain true. Teamwork makes building your farm easier and more fun. Besides, you are rewarded every time you help someone; who doesn’t enjoy getting those pretty yellow clovers, or a much-needed tool from a friendly balloon?

    - Regatta participation: encouraged wholeheartedly, but not required ...we are a group of sailors *and* landlubbers who co-exist peacefully. We DO ask that you Op Out of Regatta if you are not going to be sailing. This is only fair to those who are working hard for the prizes. The option to opt out of Regatta is under “Settings (Cog) -> Additional Settings -> Take part in seasonal regatta”. You *can* opt back in for the next regatta. Please note that if you do not opt out it will be done for you by the co-op leader

    - Co-op community. Communicate! It’s of benefit to everyone in the group to hear from you in the Co-op chat window. You can clarify product requests, make suggestions, get encouragement, ask questions of the group.

    - Disappearing players. We know. Things happen. You lose interest in the game. You or a loved one get sick. You’re facing a big move across the country. Just be aware that if you are inactive for longer than 4 weeks, and you have not let the leader know the circumstances, you will probably be removed from the co-op rolls. You will be welcome back when the dust settles ;)

    Find us in-game via Co-op Tag: #GKDHHC and send a request!

    Have fun with the game, that’s what it’s for ;)
    Cheers! Good Neighbor Group leader,
    The Mayor of Tanglewood
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    GOCVerse Co-ops
    Platform: ios/android/kindle
    English Chats.
    Facebook Group, Page, and Messenger Chats

    If you are interested in one of our co-ops, Please PM me on the forum, or send us a Message on our public Facebook page GOCverse Co-ops. Also some of the co-ops are By Request.

    Opt Outs / Not Racing are fine in all coops but Chic and Lite.
    No time requirements generally, finish the required tasks for the coop by the end of the race.
    During regular seasons we do not have any town level requirements, if you can do the required tasks, you are welcome in the coop.

    Last Season our co-ops had a total of 17 First Place and 5 Second Place finishes!
    The GOC Chic's finished #23 and #32 on the GLB, and #6 and #7 on the AmLB.

    We have a busy Hopping group, and a Hopping chat during Interseasonal week.
    If you are interested in learning to Hop, send us a message!

    We host a wooden Zombie Race the first Week of each Season!


    GOC Chic: Gold
    • Relaxed GLB, aims for Top 50. We finished #23 & #32 last season
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Limited Dumping
    • Transport Requirement
    • Messenger Required

    GOC Lite: Gold
    • New! Now relaxed GLB, aims for top 100, was #51 its first week.
    • 16/135
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Slightly Limited Dumping

    GOC Sail On : Gold
    • Trophy co-op
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Shine: Gold
    • Trophy co-op
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Glacial: Gold
    • Trophy co-op
    • Relaxed co-op
    • 5 tasks any value.
    • No Tcash Required
    • Soft Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    Cruise 8.0
    • Will be Copper level Week #3, reformed every couple of races.
    • Baby towns
    • Anyone welcome
    • Help or Race
    • Soft Reserves

    If you are interested in one of our co-ops, Please PM me on the forum, or send us a Message on our Facebook page GOCverse Co-ops. Also some of the co-ops are By Request. Thank You!

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    Regatta players wanted to grow co-op

    Hi, I have a new co-op for regatta players . We accept level 40+ and we do a minimum of 11 tasks at 128+ points. We are currently steel league working hard to make it to GOLD league. Come check us out . We are friendly, we communicate and we try our best to make it to top 3. CO-OP # 5EQ956

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