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    I just created a new co-op that aims to be a semi-competitive co-op. Semi competitive because it's made for people that doesn't want to take the game too seriously (or don't have time to stay always on the game for hours and hours each day), but we still care about prizes, and regatta.

    Platform: Android
    Co-op name and Code: Black Pearl #ZMCU22
    Accepted town level: 40 (just for now, I'll raise it at some point once people will start join).
    Any Co-op rules: English speakers only, only active members (afk will not be tolerated if not communicated), more rules on regatta will come after some time.
    Any Co-op goals: Aiming to Silver or even Golden League if it's possible. More rules will come to handle this, but I'll make whatever it takes to be at least on Silver league (or golden league if we will have good people with us at some poiint).
    How players should contact you about joining: If you think you can be a good asset for this co-op, just join the co-op now! It's open for everyone at the moment and it will be "on request" in a next period.

    If you need to talk to me, send me a pm if you wish.

    Please note: I'll do my best to keep the co-op very friendly, and I'll never aim to be one of those co-op that is ready to kick you if you do a single mistake or you don't do 15 tasks of 135pts each. If you have tips for me, I'll always listen to them.

    C'mon, let's do it! I'll wait in the co-op!

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    Co-op Name: Crazy Crying Pams
    Co-op Tag: #CRSYFX
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Accepted Level: 45
    Co-op Rules: 15 tasks at 135 (16th optional) or communicate before opting out, some English preferred. NO HOPPERS
    Co-op Goals: Stay in GOLD, but silver isn't the end of the world, help others, and HAVE FUN!
    How to Contact: Request in-game using co-op tag.

    We are an active, casual, fun group of givers, currently with 4 members, looking to grow with like-minded players. As we get bigger, we'd like to change the tasks to minimum 130. Chatting optional, but communication is key. We are all fluent in gibberish.

    Join us to find out why we are called Crazy Crying Pams. SPOILER ALERT: None of us are named Pam.
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    Co-op Name: Winner's farm
    Code: WNQNSJ
    Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle
    Level: 50
    Language: English
    Rules: Complete ALL tasks at 135
    Co-op Status: Open so no need to ask, just be prepared to play by the rules

    We like players who want to complete all 15. Use the co-op chat as much as life allows especially to ask for items or fulfill other's requests.

    If you cant do all tasks, we wont kick you as long as you just drop a quick message and say you cant do it but WANT to! We want to build a team of people who try and want their town to grow. If you dont chat to us and tell us why, that's the only time there's a problem.

    We are friendly and play to win to develop our towns! Let's be friends and smash it!

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    Hello come join Ziegler! We're are trying to be a competitive co-op but we're are not a strict one. Let's just do our best and as many tasks as we can. Please respect and help others. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Platform: IOS/Android
    Co-op name and Code: Ziegler #ZEGEQ5
    Accepted town level: 19+
    Any Co-op rules: English. 120+ tasks (if possible)
    Any Co-op goals: Trying to get the gold league but it's not super important.
    How players should contact you about joining: Just join.

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    Wir suchen Nachwuchs

    Wir sind eine relativ neue Gruppe mit aktiven Spielern, die nach maximalem Erfolg strebt, dies allerdings ohne Stress schaffen möchte, dafür mit viel Hilfe untereinander.

    Plattform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Koop-Name: HolzkopfGmBh
    Koop-Tag: #HRJENX
    Einstieg mit Level: 50
    Sprache: deutsch
    - Halten der Silberliga oder Aufstieg in Goldliga
    - 13 Aufgaben mit mind. 130P, besser 135P. Extraaufgabe zum Ligaverbleib.
    - Zeitlimits beachten, keine anderen Spieler ausbremsen
    - Aufgaben reservieren nur während Vorbereitung.
    - Kommunikation ist wichtig, man muss nicht sabbbeln. Vor allem während Staffelaufgaben kommunizieren.
    - Wenn Koop-Ziele nicht erfüllt werden können, weil das Leben schneller wird oder man eine Pause braucht, ist das völlig normal. Bitte rechtzeitig Bescheid sagen, Regatta vor Beginn verlassen oder sich von der Teilnahme ausschließen lassen.

    Es braucht Einsatz und Teamgeist um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, aber es bringt auch Spaß und Freude. Wir quasseln auch mal im Chat und haben eine WA Gruppe (ohne Teilnahmepflicht).

    Falls du die vorgegebenen Ziele noch nicht erfüllst, dich aber angesprochen fühlst und lernen und helfen möchtest, kannst du dich auch gerne melden.
    1. schnelles Aufleveln
    2. Mind. Lvl 20
    3. Unterstützung in Auffüllen von Flugzeugen / Zügen, Helfen bei Anfragen

    Kontaktaufnahme: PM im Forum, beim Koop einsteigen und sich beweisen

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    Looking for good people who love to help, win, and engage in conversation. We are a worldwide group in the gold league with folks in the UK, Europe, Asia, and US! We help each other without thinking twice! It is a close knit group too! 16x130+ and 40 helps min weekly. You can opt out of the regatta if you need a break. Oh, of course.. you have to like puns!

    Platform: Mobile
    Co-op name and Code: Feline Purrfect! #FEE6QW
    Accepted town level: 50
    How players should contact you about joining: Please request

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    Help team looking for new freinds

    Hello freinds
    We are help team, looking for new freinds to play with, we respect each other and welcome everyone.

    Co-op name and Code: Help Team coop tag #HE5MKE
    Accepted town level:60
    Co-op rules:*(EEnglish , reserve prepared tasks , task focus).
    Co-op goals:*(Gold league, mininum 55 task in regatta X 130+, ).

    Joining is open

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    Hey guys we made a new active Co-Op, we are friendly and helpfully.

    Platform: Android
    Co-op name and Code: Devils #WGXZMM
    Accepted town level: 35 (But we can increase asap).
    Any Co-op rules: English speakers, the key is to be active and friendly. For regatta you must complete 15/16 Task from 130Point +
    Any Co-op goals: We want stay always on 3° of gold regatta, if anyone is busy, dont partecipate it

    The Co-op at moment is open, just check and Enjoy us.

    We want you, we w8 you!

    Have fun!

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    Co-op name and Code: Texas 2.0 #EXD652
    Accepted town level: 70+
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc). :: English speaking only, 150 Help min per week, No reserves the 1st two days, after that 3 hr limit, We do allow opt outs and if busy (Notify the team) we will allow lower helps.
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc). : Golden League, 15/135 (Sometimes we will switch it up to only 135)
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Other: We are a fun, goofy, active co-op. We have members from all over the country/world and are like a big happy family. If you like to join feel free to request. We also have a facebook group but it is not mandatory to join. We like to chit chat a lot and help each other complete tasks. The 16th task is not required but most of us do purchase it. We do sometimes get 1st place but we do not aim for it everyweek, we are semi-competive and like to keep it fun.

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code:Golden Hearts #GMJM6U
    Accepted town level:40
    Any Co-op rules: Must participate in regatta and help members. Minimum 5 task. No dumping task. Active players only. I play everyday but I don’t expect others to. Communicate if you have challenges.
    Any Co-op goals: Silver league or better. ultimately participate and have fun.
    How players should contact you about joining: just join

    No language requirement.

    I was recently in a co-op where I was holding the group up. I was the only one completing tasks for a full regatta season. I decided to leave and make my own. I just wanna find a good group to have fun with and compete. I hope you join and have fun. Be kind to all players.

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