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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Support & Wellness (#H7WCX7) is an active & successful Golden league racer; consistently placing in the top 3). We thrive on being extremely helpful, easygoing, & courteous.

    Although we fill up fast, we always end up with available spaces at the end of each race week, due to not following our easy & very minimal requirements. So a good time to check us out & to join is on Mondays.

    ▪PLATFORM: iOS/Android
    ▪Co-op: Support & Wellness (#H7WCX7)
    ▪Accepted town level: 19
    ▪Joining: Open to All; Just join.
    ▪Language: English; fluent enough in English to understand rules, chat, & co-op messages
    ▪Regattas: MUST successfully complete a MINIMUM if 2 tasks EACH seasonal race week.
    ▪Helping: MUST help AT LEAST 1 fellow co-op member EACH seasonal race week.
    ▪Task Reserves: MUST honor & respect your teammates' task reserves. 2 or more reserve violations in 1 week's race will get you removed.
    ▪Co-op goals: Always stay in the top 3 in the Golden league

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    Platform: Android/Kindle/IOS
    Co-op name: Regatta Roomies, CoOp Code: #REG9WZ
    Accepted town level: 50+
    Co-op rules: (English Language, reserves for 2 hours, help as you can, Facebook Messenger Helpful, Opt out if not racing)
    Co-op goals: (Stay Gold league, Build friendships, 16x135, Friday finish).

    FUN-FUN-FUN! Regatta Roomies is looking for players who want to have fun while staying competitive. We are building a new team of racers after several decided to play less aggressive and formed a new Silver team. Roomies has daily players and a winning strategy. Communication is key so we have our own chat room available on Facebook Messenger and celebrate our wins with Gifs and lots of fun stuff. In game leader has 3 years experience and is also a part of social networks for Township. To join us enter the CoOp code at the CoOp building. In game leader is Sandy. We are open Sunday through Tuesday for new membership. Happy Sailing! ⛵⛵😁

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    We are a new co-op that came from another Co-op. We are in it for the fun and for the win. We are talkative, friendly, and love to laugh.

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name:Miigwech (thanks)
    Co-op Game Code:MRNVEZ
    Entrance Level:30
    Our requirements will be

    All 135 task to start race.
    Reserves on big ticket items only. Silk, ships, zoo, etc. This allows for prep time from task to task.
    Communication is a must
    Be friendly
    Have fun
    And be respectful.
    If you can't give it your all please dont join.

    We are working on moving to Gold and plan on staying there.

    We have 18 members and are very chartiable one to another

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    We are very aggressive regatta players and a very dedicated team who races with gust and win. All of us scores 2160 every Regatta! As a result, we have been in top 3 in Golden league exactly 95 times so far, and have won 40 of them!

    The Co Op name is Regatta.

    Here's the required mandatory information

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name
    Co-op Status
    : Open between races
    Level Requirement: 72+
    : English
    Co-op Tag
    : #REGZ38

    We offer:
    A chance to win you the Golden Sail, and a habit to be at top in every regatta.

    We're looking for people who:
    #1:must participate in Regatta
    (Opting out for a short duration is allowed whenever necessary)
    Highly Competitive, with a gust to win every race. (
    finish all 15+1 tasks with high score)
    love playing this game

    Contact Us: Find us with the co op code#REGZ38

    One more thing, (Please read entire paragraph before turning off) we usually spend at least 50 tCash in every race, we have a strategy. You do NOT have to buy it, we will tell you how to earn it, most of us earn more than that every week, few earn higher than 100 quite regularly. Its pretty easy!
    That's all we ask for, and helping helps off course, although not mandatory.

    We love the game, the thrill of the race drives us. Most importantly, for us we want everyone to nJoy the game.

    So please do join us if you do so too!

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    Join #SVK6C2

    looking for active players

    Co-op Name:Savannah ville Co-op Tag: SVK6C2 Co-op Status: (Open) Co-op Icon Description: (blue flower) Number of Members:6 Level Requirement: 30 Language: english

    We're looking for people who are active and help others and participates in regatta. Please come join us.

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    Trying to build a nice co-op with no drama. Just people who want simply play the game

    Name: Laughing Ninja Squad
    Platform: IOs

    Requirements: be active; be respectful and be helpful. No minimum task or points. Just try

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    Global ninja farmers looking for new members. We are currently 22 members and have won golden league 63 times. We all like to win and have fun. All chat is friendly, that is an absolute must. And attitude is always positive, we help each other not pointing fingers. We are around the globe so help is 24/7 and very fast. We have 16x135 required and when a member has a busy week coming they will opt out af regatta not holding back the team.

    Plant tasks can be reserved a couple of hours, rest is first come. We all know mistakes can happen but everyone tries their best to avoid them.

    All members are made elders so they can dump tasks and invite members they think fits in. We dump long duplicates and tasks nobody wants.

    If you are friendly helpfull and like to win please join us. Level required is 60, but if you are below that and think you will fit in let me know. Hope to fill it up with a perfect ninjas. Coop status is by request. If you think you are the perfect match please send me a PM or send us a request. Also if you are a small coop that want to merge let me know.

    Co-op name: global ninja farmers.
    Co-op# GRRK3R

    Best regards


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    We are rebuilding our co-op and seeking new active, friendly members. We were recently a gold league co-op, but several members stopped playing. We are looking for new members to work our way back up!

    PLATFORM: IOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name: Wolf Pack
    Co-op code: WPYJF5
    Accepted town level: 26
    Any Co-op rules: English language, minimum 5 regatta tasks, help each other.
    Any Co-op goals: main goals are to work our way back up to gold league and have fun!
    How players should contact you about joining: request to join in game
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    Are you ready to join Brave New World?

    We are looking for racers to join us on our competitive Gold League Squad!

    We pride ourselves on being helpful to each other and very friendly to all of our neighbors. RL always comes first. If you are looking for a place where you can grow and be supported then you have found the right group! Just check out the donations from our members. We are very active in the regatta also and are consistently in Gold League. If you are interested in getting onto the regatta team this is the time to join.

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Being consistently competitive Gold League (we are currently in Gold League)

    Co-op name: Brave New World
    Co-op code: #RH2Z9X
    Accepted Level: Level 50+ (Must have 4 boats, islands and trains)
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules:

    1. Say hello once joining.
    2. We expect everyone to help with donations.
    3. We do invite people to join us in the regatta (16 tasks of 135 points is minimum to participate in the regatta).

    How players should contact you about joining: Put in a request to join our co-op.

    We hope that you will consider joining us! You will not regret it!

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    The Fun Crew #ZQUZW3 Windows platform is looking for new members Level 30 and above who love regattas and helping others. Must be an active daily player. If you join and don’t help or participate in regattas you will be kicked immediately. No invite required to join, just jump right in. We are currently only Copper Level in the leagues so we’re looking for members that are willing to take the journey with us.

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