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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Friendly Co-op invite

    Hi we are 'Buy a Tractor' a pretty well established Co-op, we have 22 members at he moment although getting a little quieter. Desperately seeking like minded players, we are friendly, chatty on occasion and very helpful.
    Buy a Tractor
    Co-op Tag #UYQP3N
    Accepting levels 25 and above
    OS - Android
    Invite only
    Language - English

    We are not a hard core co op but we do participate in the regatta, not a problem if you don't want to just opt out
    Thanks hope to see you soon

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    May 2020

    Desperate for good players

    Co op name - Serenity 4 Everyone
    Level 50+
    Join by request
    We are desperately trying to get back to Golden League. We need active players! Must help others as your Township level allows and do your best to complete all allowable tasks. We delete most tasks under 120. No reserving train, plane, helicopter or feed tasks. Our goal is all players are “co-leaders”. All decisions about team play are done by voting. Majority rules.

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    Coop Name: Sunshine Suites
    Tag: #SUNDND
    Status: Open
    English Only
    Android or iOS
    Number of members: 20 active new racers

    We are looking for new members who are looking for help. Must be active. Lots of training and support but most of all lots of fun and laughs.

    Part of OASIS group potential to be promoted y]to our other coops 6 in total

    Hope to see you soon #sundnd. (Sunshine suites}

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    Smile Looking for a new co-op? Look no further!

    We are a friendly and active Windows group looking to expand our membership.
    The name of the coop is Cloughoge and Co., number #C2HMS9
    We are in the Golden League.
    Our requirements:
    - level 37 minimum
    - If racing, complete at least 9 tasks per regatta with a min of 125 points per task
    - Reserving all types of tasks is allowed
    - Give as much as you receive in terms of helping one another
    - No drama
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    New Windows platform Co-op
    Windows Platform - New co-op looking for help in building a winning, fun and friendly team. Thanks!

    Co-op name and Code: Plod Away Team - PJQG46
    Accepted town level: 30
    Any Co-op rules: Regatta tasks and helping others a must. Team attitude please!
    Any Co-op goals: 1st place wins
    Joining: just join, PM or facebook (joes.town66)

    Plod away 1.jpg
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    Excaliburs (#EXCHXG) is an Android group. We are seeking to advance leagues with the addition of active participatory players. We are English speaking primarily. We are seeking level 40+ members who are willing to work hard in regattas. Our 16 members range from level 46-90. If interested please respond with pm here on forum or request to join the co-op in the game.

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    Cool we are looking for new active coop members


    we are looking for new active coop members.

    Co-op Name: Wesertigers
    Co-op Tag: #WESGV2
    Co-op Status: open
    Platform: Android/Kindle/iOS
    Required Level: /
    Language: everybody is welcome

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    What does your heartbeat for?

    Each of us has a purpose and passion that moves us. What does your heartbeat for? We are a Christian based co-op looking to grow. We are seeking active players who are helpful, friendly, kind, and courteous always.

    Co-op Name: Heartbeat
    Co-op Tag: #6PND76
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Platform: Android/Kindle/iOS
    Required Level: 70**
    Language: English Only

    Our goal is to maintain Gold League status. The following requirements help our team achieve this goal...
    • 16 x 135
    • Delay start (Start time at 8 A.M. CST)
    • Reservations allowed on prep tasks only (Factories, Harvest, Islands, & Combos tasks)
    • If unable to meet co-op goals, life gets busy, or you need a break we ask that you communicate with us and opt out before start of next race.
    • Don't need to be chatty but communication is important during a race. Though not required, we do request that everyone joins our FB Messenger Chat group to better collaborate.
    • Absolutely No Profanity or Drama will be tolerated!

    It takes heart to play competitively and compassionately while keeping the Heart of Gold! Are you ready to share some good times?

    You can contact me by sending a message using this forum or through Facebook Messenger @ Leana Skinner.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    **If you currently don't meet the minimum required level to join but...
    1. Feel the above spoke to you
    2. You'd love to learn more
    3. Are eager to level up
    4. Want the opportunity to race w/ others who can help provide amazing support in a drama free zone

    Feel free to message me on FB Messenger or through this forum to discuss further.

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    Looking for new members, willing to contribute and try their best
    English speaking, small but wanting to grow, active but not strict
    Platform: android
    Co-op name and Code: The Crescent #HEZ66C
    Accepted town level: 30
    Any Co-op rules: try to attempt all available tasks, 130 or above if possible, but not a requirement
    Any Co-op goals: remain in golden league, try and finish in top three
    How players should contact you about joining: just join!

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    Fun, goofy, golden league co-op XD

    Co-op name and Code: Texas 2.0 #EXD652
    Accepted town level: 70+
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc). :: English speaking only, 150 Help min per week, No reserves the 1st two days, after that 3 hr limit, We do allow opt outs and if busy (Notify the team) we will allow lower helps.
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc). : Golden League, 15/135 (Sometimes we will switch it up to only 135)
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Other: We are a fun, goofy, active co-op. We have members from all over the country/world and are like a big happy family. If you like to join feel free to request. We also have a facebook group but it is not mandatory to join. We like to chit chat a lot and help each other complete tasks. The 16th task is not required but most of us do purchase it. We do sometimes get 1st place but we do not aim for it everyweek, we are semi-competive and like to keep it fun.

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