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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Looking for new members!

    Fun and helpful team of ladies that like to share small bits of their lives, while actively playing and helping each other. Aiming to get as high as possible in the regatta race, but not rushing as life can get in the way and accidents happen. We cover all time zones, from US to Australia. Most of our members are above level 90, although we don’t have any preferences. We don’t require spending real money, or using Tcash to speed tasks, it’s your personal choice.

    Co-op name and Code: Global Warriors [#G3SJRH]
    Accepted town level: 50
    Any Co-op rules: 135x16 tasks. Reserve only production, ships and growing for up to 4 hours. Use chat if you need more time, or struggle to finish a task, so we can find a solution together (it’s not the end of the world ) Interseasonal regattas we aim for golden and precious chests. Opt out if not racing.
    Any Co-op goals: Finish all 135x16 tasks, stay in Golden League, develop strategies together, have fun without pressure.
    Language: English
    How players should contact you about joining: Just ask to join!

    We are a very supportive group that has been playing together for years, so if you’re a bit laid-back but like to complete all tasks, you’re more than welcome to join us, we would be happy to have you on board!

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    Co-op name: 陈情令
    Coop Tag: #ZMF2RY
    Language: English (Chinese is also fine)
    Coop Status: Open! <3
    Platform: iOS
    Accepted town level: 20

    Any Co-op rules: Looking for active members! Must participate in weekly co op and inform us if you can’t participate for the week (and opt out). Do as many tasks as you can but a minimum of 2 above 100 points! Please respect others’ reservations

    Any Co-op goals: Copper League for now because we just started! Lesgooo

    How players should contact you about joining: co-op open so everyone is welcome to join! Let’s have fun together

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    Co-op name: Fair Winds
    Co-op tag: #FNYKNJ
    Co-op status: By Request
    Platform: Android and iOS
    Required level: 50
    Language: English

    We are a friendly, helpful, & competitive golden league co-op, and are looking for active new members to join the Fair Winds family!

    Co-op rules:
    Must complete 15x130+ tasks if participating in the regatta. Opt out is required if this cannot be accomplished.
    Task reservations are on, but only for manufacturing, growing, & shipping tasks.

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    PLATFORM: Android/iOS
    Co-op name and Code: La Concorde #QS9D49
    Accepted town level: 40
    Co-op rules: English/Russian, reserve for tasks required preparation, dumping only after some time, active helping
    Co-op goals: 120+ points per task, all tasks to be completed, 2+ helps per player, not met to be kicked
    How players should contact you about joining: just join, open

    Hi. All pirates are welcome. Participation in regatta is must. Strong and active leader, 135 *(all+1) tasks always, helping a lot. Greenfield co-op, chance to build a really strong, friendly and helpful team.

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    Co-op name: The Commadore Club
    Co-op tag: #HEG24W
    Co-op status: By Request
    Platform: IOS
    Number of members: 8
    Required level: 50
    Language: ENGLISH

    We are a fun, friendly and very helpful co-op currently looking for new members.

    - We are in the Golden League
    - All our members are English speaking and are a lot of fun.
    - We love to help!
    - We are competitive but not to the point where the game isn't fun.
    - We usually race each other to fill help requests so requests don't sit long in our co-op!

    Our requirements:

    - We require 16/135 tasks
    - May opt out of racing
    - We dump all tasks below 135 points
    - We ask that members not reserve tasks for more than 4 hours. Only manufacturing, growing and shipping can be reserved.
    - We request that you display your status but not required
    - English speaking only please.
    - You aren't required to chat but we'd like you to join in

    Please come check us out if you think you would be a good fit!
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    Hi, l just started my own co-op & would love some players to join me. It is an english speaking group & all l ask is that we help each other out & do at least 3 tasks in the regatta. I am level 58 but it doesn't matter what level you are just that you helpful to others.

    The town's name is Monaghan Town , platform is Windows 10 & the tag is #MN6Q2D
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    Co-op name: E-Lemon-Nators
    Co-op tag: #ES8XQV
    Co-op status: By Request
    Platform: Android and IOS
    Number of members: 11
    Required level: 30
    Language: ENGLISH

    We're still looking for more qualified players to join our Co-Op. We are determined to excel in Friendship, Cooperation and Competition!

    Do you enjoy:

    1. Competition?
    2. Friendly Chatting along the way?
    3. Helping each other because, when it comes down to it, it's all about the co-op?
    4. All the Cool prizes a successful team earns?

    If you answered yes to the above, then what are you waiting for?

    Come aboard!
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    Like, g'day, eh!! <Insert Bob & Doug Mackenzie Theme Music>

    We're like looking for other hosers (and non-hosers who want to join our Canadian crew), eh!

    But seriously, I am looking for more people to join us. An interest in participating in the Regattas and helping our Co-op members out as much as possible is a must. We're semi-casual, but I do want us to be a Regatta Co-op.

    Platform: Android
    Current League: We slide between Copper and Steel Leagues
    Co-op name: Canadian Rockies, eh!
    Co-op code/tag: #CN8PFN
    Accepted town level: Level 55+
    Language: English Only

    Any Co-op rules:
    Semi-Casual. RT Comes First but participation highly encouraged. Please PM me here in the forums if you will anticipate being away for extended time due to vacation/illness/family events or situations.
    -- 21+
    -- 4 Tasks/Regatta minimum
    -- 10 Help minimum
    -- Any member with a 0-Help/Task count (in general or specifically in Regatta) without prior notification will be removed.
    -- No Reserving Tasks. Try to let others know if you've got an interest in a specific Task, whether in the game or in our Discord.
    -- No Dumping Tasks. We take what we get and do our best to get it filled with help from our "Hozer" mates.

    Any Co-op goals:
    -- Regatta Participation and good cooperation to gain rewards each week
    -- Teamwork-Geared
    -- Fun, semi-casual, social Co-op atmosphere.

    How players should contact you about joining:
    -- PM here and/or search for us via Co-op Tag.
    -- Membership currently OPEN.

    NOTE: I want this to be a fun, social group and a place where we can all relax, enjoy the game, and the company. Be respectful at all times.

    Co-op Tag: #CN8PFN

    We also have a basic Discord for anyone interested in joining it:
    Discord Invite Code: zHrrDb7
    Lady Kendra
    Township "Mayor" of Kendra's Village
    Leader of "Canadian Rockies, eh!" Co-op
    Kendra's Village/My Invite Code: 4BJFEM
    "Canadian Rockies, eh!" Code/Tag: #CN8PFN

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    New Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2016
    Southern California

    🐄Oasis Township Family

    ❇️Platform: iOS, Android, Kindle

    🌺Oasis Outrigger-#S4JV4W level 75+, 16x135 finish asap-12 hours max.
    🌼Oasis Kalani- #WS8VER Level 65+,16x135 finish within 48 hours max.
    🌴Oasis Haku- #8UFVX6 Level 55+,16x135 finish in 4 days max.
    🌸Oasis Luau- #V4D62Y Level 19+, 16x135 no time limit!
    🐨Oasis Koala- #SY39Y9 Level 19+, 4x 135 minimum, no time limit!

    ❇️Must speak English and use FB Messenger.
    ❇️International players welcome!
    ❇️We have regular and speed barn hop groups!

    ❇️Co-ops are set to ”by request” so join us today!
    ❇️FB messenger private message to:
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    Seeking New Teammates

    Welcome to NeighborSupport
    ( #NEWZY9 ).
    We are an international team who excels in helping. We are recruiting new dedicated racers who want to join a family, play daily and have fun.
    * Minimum level - 50
    * Platform - iOS/Android/Kindle
    * Join - By request
    * Flag - teal background with light teal butterfly
    * Language - Must speak English or be willing to learn

    We require:
    *Min requirement to race: 8 X 130 pts.
    *If life gets busy or you need a break, we ask that you communicate with us and opt out.
    *We have a closed Facebook page which we use for communication and mentoring. Teammates are welcome to join. Joining is not mandatory.

    Our goal is to stay in the gold league, but we fluctuate btw silver and gold. Realm life is not as important as family, school and work.

    Our motto is give and you shall receive. We are a family who promotes fun, friendship, communication, sharing, caring and generous giving.

    Racing Onward,
    NeighborSupport Co-Leader

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