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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Please note: Platform is a key piece of information. iOS/Android/Kindle is one platform (mobile), Mac is another platform, and Windows is another platform. The three platforms are not compatible, and people on a platform different to yours will not be able to see your co-op.

    Include your platform in your co-op ad please to save people searching for a co-op they can’t find.
    IMPORTANT: As a Township moderator, I only have power to maintain its forum.
    - Township Support.
    - Before posting a question, please make use of:
    Township Wiki,
    • the stickies on top of each sub-forum,
    • the search function to see previous posts.

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    Dear friends, we're looking for few new members for our relaxed Golden league team.
    We don't go for global so rules are pretty easy to follow:

    1. Do min of 8 tasks or opt out, racing is not mandatory.
    2. Reserved crops, islands and factories tasks won't be taken, everything else is first come, first serve.
    3. Don't do tasks below 130 except 125 HOL.
    4. Only English speaking players.

    And that's all, we're family like group from all around the world that's pretty good organized so we're looking for semi competitive friendly everyday players.

    If you think you would good fit with us, please join us directly in the game, can't wait to meet you! 😊

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Gold league, 16x130+
    Co-op name: Farmers Market
    Co-op code: FR3MDN
    Accepted town level: 60
    Language: English only

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    Je recherche des personnes qui veuille jouer pour faire la totalite des missions coop française vener vous amusez le nom de la coop brunoville2 aide regate pour gagner des regates partager de bon moment

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    Hello Sailors!

    We’re a small Co-op with 3 racing members and we’d love a few more racers to join us. We’re Gold League and pretty chilled but we do like to stay in ?Gold so we do ask for 16 x 135 as fast as you can comfortably do them each racing week. We do NOT expect you to pay out loads of T Cash!

    If you’re looking for a new friendly home why not give us a try , we’d love to meet you!

    Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name. Paradise Found
    Tag. #PREMV6
    Level. 70
    Language. English

    See you soon!
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    Sea Prism

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: 15/130+

    Co-op name: Sea Prism
    Co-op code: SE2Z5S
    Accepted town level: 16
    Facebook page: Township Sea Prism

    Sea Prism Rules 🦌⛵

    - We are a regatta based co-op. We expect our members to complete a minimum of 15 tasks per race.

    - If you complete less than 12 you will be kicked unless you give us a compelling reason why you were unable to complete 12 tasks as minimum.

    - If you know you will be unable to complete a minimum of 12 tasks please opt out of the regatta for that week.

    - Help as much as you can! We don’t want to set a minimum amount of helps because many people in our co-op work but we do look at helps.

    - We automatically dump all tasks under 130 points. All elders and co-leaders are asked to keep an eye on the task board to delete low ones when they pop up. We also dump duplicates of trains and planes.

    - Reservations: Only longer tasks such as shipping, production and growing crops can be reserved. Faster tasks such as helicopters, HOL, mining, zoo hot products, feeding animals and collecting feathers cannot be reserved. They are first come, first served as they’ve always been. If you reserve a task please make sure you can start it within 8 hours*.
    **If you need something reserved longer ask in chat.

    - Communication with the team is key . The in-game time is 12 hours but we are going by our rule for reservations: 8 hours!

    - Try to work on a task when you reserve. Don't reserve and stay 8 hours without work on a task. That holds up the board.

    - If a player consistently breaks the rules they will be demoted to member and unable to reserve tasks any longer.

    - We are a friendly co-op and we treat each other with respect.

    -We expect all new members to be respectful and kind.

    - Township is an escape from the real world. Keep it fun!
    If you quit in the middle of a race you will never be allowed to come back to our team.


    - Being promoted to Elder is not merit based. We usually promote after a week of solid racing so the player can help us dump tasks and have the ability to reserve tasks.

    - Promotion to Co-Leader is merit based. Co-leaders must exhibit leadership qualities that help make our co-op run efficiently

    With all this mention please have fun follow the rules and let's keep this regatta to the max!

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    Co-op Name: The Piggy Party
    Co-op Tag: #HEJ7SF
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Gold/Orange frame with a Green Pig face and Green background
    Number of Members: 11/30
    Level Requirement: 50
    Language: English
    Platform: Android/iOS/Kindle

    *New members will be promoted to Elder status immediately so you can dump tasks/not be limited or at a disadvantage. If all goes well, you will become a Co-Leader*

    About us: We are primarily between the USA & Europe so we help around the clock. We usually fill each other’s requests pretty fast. Fun group, no drama.

    In order to keep things interesting, we are trying out a Speed Week. Right now it is set for the 2nd regatta week of the season. We want to earn more trophies and this way those of us who are fast can do so more often. Anyone not able to will be opting out for that week.

    We're looking for people who: Currently we are looking for members who will complete 16/135pts tasks. You need to help others out. If you are unable to hit the requirements, feel free to opt out as needed. English speaking. Only serious players please, as we kick out those who do not respect our rules.

    Our rules:
    - As for reserving tasks, we only reserve long/prep tasks, and within a reasonable amount of time. All other tasks are on a first come basis
    - Dump tasks under 135 points to keep the board set up
    - Help others out – you don’t have to have hundreds of helps, but single digits/really low amounts is simply unacceptable
    - Opt out the weeks you know you will be too busy to play
    - Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    Contact Us: You can private message me in this forum or just come find us and send a request in the game. If your Profile numbers regarding helps, gameplay, etc are low you will not be accepted. (However, if there is a reason for this let me know via Private Message. I know sometimes other co-ops may not request often so of course your numbers would be lower!)
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    Town Name: Smidge
    Town Level: 109
    Co-op Name: The Piggy Party #HEJ7SF
    Required Level: 50
    Type: By Request

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    Atomic blonde #5SEZS5

    Atomic Blonde is an international adult drama free Global leader board focused coop
    We currently have members from 13 countries
    English speaking coop ..... But we can translate if necessary
    Level 70 +
    We finished last season placed #46 in the world on the GLB
    16 x 135 tasks
    A requirement also to spend a little T cash
    Platform mobile ie iOS android kindle
    Adults only players are required to have Facebook and be over 18 years old
    For more information message me via Facebook messenger Sara Sonley

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    Looking for new Active and friendly members.

    Platform Kindle/Android/IOS

    Town Name: The Brecon Beacons
    Co-Op name: Beacon
    Co-Op Tag: #EFUZCH

    We are quite new. With six active members. (3 very active) Member levels at time of posting, 56, 43, 41, 38, 37 and 28, any level welcome.

    Our motto is "Happy to Help", and we need members who feel the same. We would also prefer members who enjoy the Regatta.

    Just join, the forum is Open.

    We use English, but, please do not feel restricted by this. I try to translate messages in other languages if needed.

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Have fun, share, be social, contribute to regattas

    Co-op name:Green Paw Helpers
    Co-op code:#GREM43
    Accepted town level: 21+, we are mostly 30-50 now
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: No requirements other then if you take a regatta task, please finish it.

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join Green Paw Helpers and introduce yourself.

    We were all playing in a co-op with a leader and 50% of members MIA. We were tired of being penalized in the regattas, so we started this co-op to hopefully get more casual to lightly competitive players who have fun sharing and helping each other out. We like to win, but we all play to relax and have fun.

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    Gold League co-op looking to add on additional active players.

    Co-op name: Moonlit Estuary
    Co-op code: M2Q45N
    Required town level: 65
    Facebook page: Moonlit Estuary Township
    Platform: iOS/Android
    Co-op goals: 16/135 pts to remain in Gold league

    Our Rules:
    - We are a regatta loving co-op. We expect our members to complete a minimum of 15 tasks per race. If you know you will be unable to complete the minimum please opt out of the race for that week. Interseasonal regattas are not required, it is a perfect time for taking time off.

    - Help other members as much as you can! There is no minimum, but we expect you to help the team as much as you can. We usually employ a “delayed start” and these details are discussed before each race.

    - We dump all tasks under 130 points. The Leader & Co-leaders keep an eye on the task board and delete low tasks.

    - Reservations: We allow reserving most tasks ( HOL is the exception and we take turns). We do not impose a time limit on longer tasks such as island tasks, factory production and growing crops. Faster tasks such as helicopters, mining, feeding animals and similar tasks should be claimed within 8 hours.
    For extra attention to reserving, we post our reserves on the chat board. We also post when we claim the task. If you have a question about this, just ask — we don’t bite.

    - New members are usually promoted to Elder after a week of racing so the player can have the ability to reserve tasks.

    NOTE: If you quit in the middle of a race, please don’t ask to return to our co-op.
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    Town: Morgan's Landing (Level 98)
    Gold league Co-op: Moonlit Estuary #M2Q45N
    iOS system (iPad) Friend Code #JDFN5V
    FB Group: Moonlit Estuary @ Township

    I enjoy helping players who help other players.
    You can find me working on my town...always a work in progress.
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