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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Red face Regatta players wanted to grow co-op

    Platform: Android
    Co-op: Lita's Ville
    Co-op code: 5EQ956
    Accepted town level: 40
    Language: English / Spanish

    Looking for regatta players Only. We are in the Steel league
    Making our way to the golden league . Seeking active players .
    Minimum 11 tasks at 128 and over points. No exceptions. Must respect reserved tasks.
    If you can't complete regatta tasks please opt out. Communication is key .
    Everyone is expected to participate.This co-op helps each other.
    None participants will be quicked out .
    Be active / Be helpful.
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    Building a driven & devoted co-op from the ground up!!

    Platform: iOS
    Co-op goals: Family/Life comes first, Daily players, goal oriented (going for gold trophies in regattas), players that follow the guidelines set forth, HAVE FUN, must be willing to help your co-op members (we want to work together to build our farms as much as we can!!!)

    Co-op name: Driven Devotion
    Co-op code: #DRM8YK
    Accepted town level: 25
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Help when you can, IF you participate in regatta you must complete half the given tasks, leaders dump tasks under 130, we have an optional Facebook group you may join that provides tips, help, technical savvy member that can assist if you have a problem, optional group Facebook Chat to further help you out if you choose to participate

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join if you want a dedicated group that follows the guidelines implemented, does not tolerate people joining race and not doing their part (we don’t feel it’s right to just “ride the coat tails” of those busting their tails and then those that join and do nothing reap the same rewards! We will build an awesome co-op with a record to be proud of! We would love a mix of members from lower to higher levels so that we can all work together to build something to be proud of!

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    Join Defleet

    Platform: Windows
    Co-op goals: Regatta focused

    Co-op name: Defleet Co-op code: #DEF8EJ
    Accepted town level: 21+ Language: English

    Tired of being in a co-op whose leader was missing in action and not helping or leveling. So, Defleet is a new co-op which accepting players LEVEL 19+ who are active and helpful. Leader is Deelight City and Co-leader is Fleetfoot.

    Co-op Rules:
    Motto: "Help to win!" because by helping others, you help yourself, and everyone wins! (Don't you love those clovers? I do!)

    You are not required to race in a regatta, but if you are not racing, you need to change racing status in Settings prior to the race. If you fail to change racing status, you may be kicked from the co-op.

    How to join: Send an in-game request to Deelight City or Fleetfoot or a forum PM.
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    Hello! I will be so happy if any of you want to join my co-ops to just have fun.

    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: We are currently in the golden league.

    Co-op name: moonlight stars
    Co-op code: #MQXXPE
    Accepted town level:19
    Language: English

    About our Co-op:
    -We are not that competitive but we are in the golden league as of now.
    -our best score is 397
    -We currently have about 8 members and not all of them are active, so we are really looking for people to join.

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    Platform: iOs
    Co-op goals: Looking for Helping hands so we can simply build our towns. We currently have 8 great players, starting level 57+.

    Co-op name: Nauti Wave Runners
    Co-op code: #NUNUX3
    Accepted town level: 45
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Help one Another, Opt out if you're not racing.

    How players should contact you about joining: Just Join!

    We were part of another team that lost a lot of members. Wanting to expand again for friendly help and chat. Completely open to other teams joining forces with us! It seems to be so much easier when you have more than 10-15 players!
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    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: Recruiting active & helpful members, who want to win Regattas! We are currently in the Gold league.

    Co-op name: Whee World
    Co-op code: #WHEG8E
    Accepted town level: any
    Language: English

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    GOCverse Co-ops

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Friendly, active, and casually competitive. Starting out small and working our way up to make it big! Everyone is welcome - as long as you are active and participating 👊🏼 Let’s doooooooooooo ittttttttttttt!!!!

    Co-op name: PAMN ONIONTOOT
    Co-op code: #PM5G6V
    Accepted town level: 19+
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Be nice, help out, participate in regatta and COMPLETE tasks. Inactive players or those consistently not completing tasks or not helping will be booted.

    How players should contact you about joining: just join!

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    we need active players in ouer co-op,we are levels 70-77 and love regatta … ouer co-op name is # COW GIRLS # CWGXUZ we have no dumping rules and reserve is allowed . we are on the way to golden legue fast but we are only 2 members have won the golden regatta before but left ouer old co-op becourse off 2 much drama and figthing oer task 135 and reserve , simply to many members to little task,but we close the co-op after 10-15 playaers has joined so we wont have that issue come join a very fun helpfull co-op
    only for wep / pc players and a level 45 reqest and a m off 8 task completet
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    Platform: iOs/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Goals: Work our way up to Gold League
    Required Level: 19
    Language: English

    Co-op name: Snookemz
    Co-op tag:#SNGGDD

    About us:
    -We currently have 13 people in our co-op and would like to add those who participate in the Regatta and are willing to help others out.
    -Our current levels are 26 to 56
    -If you do not participate in the Regatta, please opt out of it.
    -We are not hardcore, but we want to be competitive.
    -Most of us play daily
    -We understand people have jobs, families, and lives outside of Township.
    -We are willing to help others complete their tasks
    -We don't have hardcore rules-just play nice.

    If you want a casual place to hang out, we are the place. The next Regatta is starting soon. Join us!

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