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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co Op Name: *cries forever*
    Co Op Code: #CRUM6H
    Starting level - 19
    Language - English

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    Co-Op Name: Luckyr Us
    Co Op Code: #UCH4U2
    Starting level - 50
    Language - English

    Lucky Us Co-op looking for new team members who enjoy winning! Must be active and like helping. Our competitive co-op is in GOLD league and most members finish all tasks. We have an FB page for strategy and fun! Come join us.

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    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: Lost tough with the old Co-op I started called Frostmourne. This new co-op has no goals yet, but hoping to grow and do Regatta, seasonal events, be extremely helpful and active.

    Co-op name: All Systems Go
    Co-op code: #52ZSGN
    Accepted town level: 19
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Those will be decided by the co-op once we have higher membership

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join, we are currently Open, but will switch to Closed and be more picky once we have the numbers.
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    Join The In Crowd. You will love it!

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    Looking for members!

    Our Coop is currently looking for players. If you enjoy participating in Regattas and helping others, come join us. All tasks under 130 are dumped. If you do not participate in Regatta please opt out. Need to be active in Chat. English speaking.

    If you are looking come give us a try. Our #SUJ2N9 you will be happy you did.

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    Really need co op members. Every time I get one they do not participate!

    Really need members ! Co-Op tag is. #SMK5CV. And the name of my co op is smoky mountain tops. Please I really need help !!!

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    Get ur kicks on route 66!

    Route 66 is looking for some new awesome players!
    We r a fun group who like to help out as much as possible!
    We r at 14 ppl looking to fill up b4 the regatta starts.
    We speak English but welcome all!😊
    Were a golden league and must be atleast level 60 to join.
    We only reserve tasks that need to be prepped for. Also only do tasks over 125. We ask u complete a minimum of 5 tasks but most do the full 16 which is awesome! So what's up? Join us!😁
    Co-op tag: #RUF4Z6
    I am the leader and my name is azazeltown!
    Hope 2 c u soon😎

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    Need regatta players that are serious about winning. Join corkyvilla

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    GOCVerse Co-ops
    Platform: ios/android/kindle
    English Chat.
    Facebook group, Page and Messenger Chats


    GOC Chic: Gold
    β€’ Aim for Top 50 GLB
    β€’ 16/135
    β€’ Tcash for #16
    β€’ No speed racing
    β€’ No Reserves
    β€’ Limited Dumping
    β€’ Transport Requirement
    GOC Chic was #39 and #41 on the GLB for the Land of Snow and Ice Season.

    GOC Sail On: Gold
    β€’ Trophy coop
    β€’ 16/135
    β€’ Tcash for #16
    β€’ No Reserves
    β€’ Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Lite: Gold
    β€’ Trophy coop
    β€’ 16/135
    β€’ Tcash for #16
    β€’ No Reserves
    β€’ Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Glacial: Gold
    β€’ Relaxed coop
    β€’ 5 tasks any value
    β€’ No Tcash Required
    β€’ Soft Reserves
    β€’ Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Shine: Gold
    β€’ Solo/small group coop
    β€’ Try to stay Gold
    β€’ Racers make rules

    Cruise : (Will be Cruise 5.0 for the first week of this season.)
    β€’ Wooden level, reformed every race.
    β€’ Baby towns
    β€’ Anyone welcome
    β€’ Help or Race
    β€’ Soft Reserves

    If you are interested in one of our coops, Please PM me on the forum, or send us a Message on our Facebook page GOCverse Co-ops. Also some of the coops are By Request.

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    Join the Sea Drifters

    Try small Co-op life and come over to the Sea Drifters, a four member Co-op.

    We are looking for established higher level players. Our current members range in level from 137 to 195 and our minimum to join is set at 107. We would especially like for one of the three we are looking for to be male.

    We are all about winning tokens for Seasonal Regatta trinkets, however we regularly make top 3’s in our races. You do not have to race, but if you do, 16 tasks at 135 points is expected from you. We like to finish a Regatta quickly. In small Co-ops as you know, speed is important. Reservations for certain tasks are allowed.

    Sea Drifters is a friendly Co-op for you.

    Sea Drifters, Co-op Code #SE4MNF, IOS/Android, English Speaking

    PS1 - Message me on Forum if interested/have questions or just request to join.
    PS2 – We will be winning our way back to Gold League this week, after an incident two weeks ago when a new member joined the day before the Regatta started and then left us in the lurch.

    Kind Regards,
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    Town - DALISCAPE
    Coop - Sea Drifters
    Town 196, Zoo 45

    Be kind.

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