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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op: Buoy Buddies
    Code: UKW8FW
    Platform: Mac
    Chat: English
    Regatta: Gold
    Co Op Goals (Helpful, Fair & Respectful for a fun game)

    We are a very helpful active small co-op looking for new members to come join us. No drama, no stress. We only ask that you do 2 tasks if you choose to race or you can opt out. We also dump all tasks under 125. We have a Facebook Group page as well.. We are a very understanding co-op and realize real life is more important and we respect that. We do like it when you communicate. We just want to have fun and enjoy the game. Won't you join us? Let's be Buoy Buddies! We are a Gold team.
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    Platform: (iOS/Android/Kindle, OR Windows, OR Mac).
    Co-op goals: not regatta focused. Just want to have fun

    Co-op name: Jazzys Towne
    Co-op code: JZSPZW
    Accepted town level: 19
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Will not put up with bullying, etc.

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join

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    Co-op name: Glass Slippers
    Co-op code: GFDPYW
    Required town level:19
    Platform: iOS/Android
    Co-op goals: REGATTA
    Language: English

    Feel free to just join, we are very active and want to do the regatta, and will share goods and help all we can!
    most players are over level 55 but open to helping lower levels so long as they are active!
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    Dragonstone (GLB 16)
    Platform: (iOS/Android/Kindle).
    Co-op goals: GLB focused, 16x135
    Co-op name: DRAGONSTONE 1.0 (Finish in 36 hours) DRAGONSTONE 2.0 ( Finish by Friday)
    Co-op code: #DR2QK9
    Accepted town level: 75
    Language: ENGLISH

    Any Co-op rules:* Minimum 3 Transportation tasks (Planes and Trains)
    * Messenger required
    * Maximum of 2 HOL tasks

    Contact us through our FB page: DRAGONSTONE

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    Looking for new members. We’re revamping the team. We’re in Steele league but aiming for gold. We have 3 rules. 1. Help teammates 2. If you don’t want to race, uncheck the box. 3. If you do race complete minimal of 10 tasks. We are a fun chatty co op. Our group is: Let’s Have Fun, code: ESG9VG. Required level is 65. Come join us. Look forward to seeing you.

    Please include platform.
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    Platform: any
    Co-op goals: gold league 15x135.

    Co-op name: Endless horizon
    Co-op code: #end6em
    Accepted town level:50
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: no drama, friendly, helpful. Complete 15 tasks each regatta you are in! There are some reserve rules but nothing extreme. We are super small and could use a few more true regatta players! We will never require use of t-bucks. Come join us!

    Please include platform - iOS/Android/Kindle or Mac or Windows. All are not compatible and cannot play together.
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    CO OP NAME IS: kims n co

    We love playing, helping and racing. We are friendly and will chat often.
    Please join us
    Windows 10
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    [B]About Co-op: This is a newly created co-op for players who need a team to participate in Regattas, also to receive and give help to coop members. It is a place for learning, growing, and having fun! We currently have a small membership being that it was just created today. Join us!

    Co-op goals: Progressing through the Regatta Leagues/Helping co-op members fulfill both personal game goals and co-op goals
    Co-op name: Swift Corporation
    Co-op code: #SWX3NX
    Accepted town level: 20
    Language: English (Other languages are welcome, but please try to regularly communicate in English. We don't have translators currently.)
    Any Co-op rules:
    * Minimum of 2 (135 points)regatta tasks per week. Or opt out before the race begins.

    *Reserve regatta tasks only 3 hours in advance. If reserved task can't be started within 3 hours, release the reserve, so that another member is free to do the task.

    *Be active, regularly helping co-op members. Promptly respond to co-op requests. Regatta requests take priority.

    *Be friendly/courteous in co-op chatroom, when responding to and asking for requests.

    How to contact co-op:
    * To join in game: search for the co-op code typed above.

    * For all other inquiries: Send a personal message to the creator of this post (LadieGamer).

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    Platform: Windows
    Co-op goals: I am gold league now but I am not overly picky. As long as you do your best, if you participate, I am happy.

    Co-op name: Regatta Runner's
    Co-op code: #REGN5P
    Accepted town level: Any level as long as you want to be a team player and help your co-op as often as you can.
    Language: I speak english but hey, i am flexible.

    I am a chatbox. I like when my co-op chats it up.

    Any Co-op rules: I have two rules. If you are not going to participate in the Regatta please go to settings and check that option. If you are a part of the co-op do what you can to help your co-op team members.

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join! I can't wait for you to join.

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle.
    Co-op goals: Currently Steel league (Used to be Golden league), 11x125+, regatta focused (Joining regatta isn't compulsory but preferred)

    Co-op name: Moonstruck
    Co-op code: #MEW7WE
    Accepted town level: 19
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Help as much as you wish to be helped.

    Need new members for our co-op, Moonstruck #MEW7WE. English speaking only please, willing to help daily and complete 11 or all regatta tasks. We're currently struggling and moving down through the league's due to lots of members leaving or being kicked out due to not contributing much. We're a real group of people who like playing to unwind. We just try to do our best for the team. We aren't bots who play all day so we do not expect the same from others. Looking for like minded people. Please come and join us and help us to become great once more.

    Queries @

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