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Thread: Co-op ads

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    We are looking for new members to join our co-op. We left our co-op because most of the players didn't want to participate in the regatta or help others out. We created our own and need members to join. We expect everyone to contribute with a minimum of 5 tasks completed. We are going to the top quickly and if you want to be a part of that...find us!

    Co-op name: Sole Survivors
    Co-op tag: SFHYY9
    Levels 19 and up
    Open to join!

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    We are looking for ca 10 new members for our co-op. We're pretty easy going, not overly chatty, but friendly and we help each other as much as we can.

    Platform: MAC
    Co-op goal: having fun, helping each other, and staying in the Gold league
    Co-op name: AQUINAS
    Accepted town level: 50
    Language: english

    Co-op rules: Be friendly, do try to participate in the regattas and when you do please complete a minimum of 5 tasks. 5 tasks isn't much. You are allowed to skip regattas if you need to or don't have time. Just let us know and make sure to check yourself as not competing in settings. Mistakes are allowed, just do your best to help, play fair and participate.
    Just join, we're open!

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    hi i am looking for players to join my co-op.My goal is to reach gold league
    CO-OP NAME:fleur28
    REQ. LEVEL:19


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    TURK Oyuncularla Kooperatif

    Arkadaşlar TürkÖğünÇalış isimli bir kooperatif kurduk online süreleri yüksek arkadaşlara ihtiyacımız vardır. Bekliyoruz

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    Hi, we're a fun, friendly, helpful but seriously competitive team. We aim to stay in the gold league and win if possible.

    Team name: Ubuntu
    Team tag: #Uunwdk

    Minimum requirement of 1800 points to be earned each regatta.
    Promotion to co-leader if you exceed minimum requirement.
    Preferably understand English
    A good imagination and sense of humour.

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    Platform: Mac (only Mac).
    Co-op goals: Gold league, 15x130+

    Co-op name: TakeItEasy
    Co-op code:TBMJGB
    Accepted town level: 50
    Language: Eng

    Any Co-op rules: chat, chat, chat. Also play regatta, help and have fun

    How players should contact you about joining: just join.

    Hi there, I have the dream to create a busy coop, made of competitive, chatty, noisy, lovely ladies. It is more fun to play in company with nice friends, and I say ladies because we can talk about child, or grandchild, or whatever ladies want to talk. So if you have a mac please join me, my name is Patty and Im going to become soon grandma, so you understand ;-)
    By by now, see you soon!

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    Co-op goals: Gold league, 15 133-135

    Co-op name: Land of Milk and Honey
    Co-op code: #N4RRRZ
    Accepted town level: 50
    Language: English

    LETS RACE (while having fun)

    If you are an active player that wants to get in on the ground floor without the drama this is the coop for you. We currently have 2 players that broke off from another coop. We are looking for a few people that are willing are moderately competitive and want a team experience without the drama. We are in 1st place in our first week and plan to advance each week on our way to gold. Life happens and we want the game to be fun but we also want to be competitive without spending tcash (except for maybe the extra task if needed). You can be competitive yet still have fun and without the drama. Looking forward to meeting and racing with you. ⛵️⚓️
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    The Dependables tag #HED9UM Required level 50. If you are looking for a new coop please come give us a try. Everyone is very helpful and only keep active players. Donate when you can and complete the minimum of 4 tasks in the Regattas. Currently we are 19/30 please request. Thanks

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    Looking for friendly, considerate players who love to race fast and cherish teamwork.

    We are a small team of friendly, chatty, extremely helpful players (top 1%) who enjoy racing fast and each others company. Excellent at fast, strategic racing. Most members work and have families and we have streamlined play so game is fun and stress free. We believe in fair play and sharing within the co-op, without any drama.

    Co-op name: Shining time
    Co-op code: #SHQ6NG
    Co-op Goals: Gold league finishing in top 3 , 16x135, Provide a friendly, supportive, fun and fairplay environment where we share in decisions, and keep the competition in the Regatta and not in the co-op.
    Language: English
    Accepted town level: 75
    Platform: Mobile

    Co-op Rules: Play daily and interact with and help others. You can opt out of Regatta when you want to or can't race fast. Share in hard and easy tasks with even distribution of HOLS and Precious chests among team. Must be able to use messenger to communicate during Regattas. We do not reserve so there is no drama. We don't do plane, train, or slow crop tasks unless we want to.

    Contact us by requesting to join. Check out our active members stats to see if you think we would be a good fit for you.

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