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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op ads

    Please post here if you are looking for new players to join your co-op.

    Below is an example form you can use.

    Platform: (iOS/Android/Kindle, OR Windows, OR Mac).
    Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, not regatta focused, etc).

    Co-op name:
    Co-op code:
    Accepted town level:

    Any Co-op rules: (Reserves, help requirements, etc).

    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, etc).

    Please note: this thread is for ADVERTS ONLY. If you see a co-op you would like to join, please contact that co-op as stated in their advert.

    Please only post your co-op once a week.
    If you return to post another ad, please delete the old one. Failure to do so may result in the newer post being deleted as a duplicate.
    Older advertisements will periodically be deleted.
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    Platform: (iOS/Android).
    Co-op goals: we are a helpful co-op that likes to stay in the Gold league.

    Co-op name: Top of The World
    Co-op code: #PJR3ES
    Accepted town level: 60
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: 875+ points or 155 points x 7 tasks, dump all tasks under 125 points
    Reserve: turned off
    How players should contact you about joining: All welcome just come and join

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    19/30 as of now. That number will be decreasing by 4 at the end of the regatta.
    Looking to rebuild our fun, chatty team filled CO-OP!!
    Looking for silver and gold! Must be competitive, helpful and chatty!
    Platform: Mac, Droid
    Co-op goals: Fair and friendly, work together, atleast 4 tasks per player, per regatta. That number will be rising shortly.

    Co-op name: Mega helpers only
    Co-op code: #MEGWNS
    Accepted town level: 25
    Language: English

    Co-op rules: Must complete 4 (for now) tasks or opt out.
    Must help other team members.
    How players should contact you about joining: Just ask to join!
    We really are fun and silly, that's not the problem. We need players that want to compete, to help.

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    Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: We are an extra cooperative co-op (just check our our stats) of players who want to turn wood into GOLD. All regatta tasks/135.

    Co-op name: Zoom Zoom
    Co-op code: #ZYGZN2
    Accepted town level: 25
    Language: Any! We mostly speak English and Spanish.

    Any Co-op rules: We are looking for the rare players who can stay silly and competitive at the same time.

    How players should contact you about joining: just join!

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    ***Come Join Us!***

    Co-Op Name: A River Runs Through It
    Co-Op Code: #RM2KUW
    Level: 40+
    Language: English
    Regatta: 4 or more tasks
    Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle

    We're moderately competitive. Very laid-back.

    We just ask that you participate in the Regatta and try to help other members when possible. Constantly requesting help but not reciprocating will not go over well.

    There is no requirement to play round-the-clock. I work Monday thru Friday and can not play while at work; therefore, I play a little before work, a few hours at night and complete most of my tasks on the weekends.

    Just look us up via our name or tag! We currently have OPEN invitations! See you there!!

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    Are you ready to join Brave New World?

    We pride ourselves on being helpful to each other and very friendly to all of our neighbors. RL always comes first. If you are looking for a place where you can grow and be supported then you have found the right group! Just check out the donations from our members. We are very active in the regatta also and are consistently in Gold League.

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Gold League (we have medaled at every level all the way to gold in Gold league)

    Co-op name: Brave New World
    Co-op code: #RH2Z9X
    Accepted Level: Any, prefer 40+ but any active person is welcome. Our membership is set to open.
    Language: English (we do have some Spanish speakers that use translation which is great also)

    Any Co-op rules: We expect everyone to help with donations and participate in the regatta

    How players should contact you about joining: Best way would be to join us. Feel free to PM me and I’ll get back to you.

    We hope that you will consider joining us! You will not regret it!
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    Grand Givers Family now recruiting!

    Grand Givers Family of Co-ops now recruiting!

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle.

    English and messenger mandatory.

    We have several co-ops for you to chose from depending on your town level and how you like to race including a global team called Givers Only Coop- #GVCNNE.

    For more information or recruitment details please contact us via messenger- @GOC.GiversOnlyCoop. Please Include a pic of the first page of your Township Profile/ Achievements. Thank you and happy sailing! ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️

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    Hi all, Fredsville is a small but active coop that's about 45 days old. In that time we've gone from wooden to silver league, and are now aiming for gold.

    Our leadership group is very active and helpful, and we provide regular communication via chat. We're really looking to increase our numbers with other active players who enjoy racing and helping out.

    Platform: Android.
    Co-op goals: Build an ative co-op. Rank up through the leagues to Gold. And to have as much fun building our towns as we can.

    Co-op name:Fredsville
    Co-op code:#FREG62
    Accepted town level:19
    Language:English preferred

    Co-op rules:
    Racing not compulsary, but non-racers are expected to help out where they can.
    Racers are not to take tasks that they can't complete.
    If you aren't going to complete a task, let us know in chat. We know sometimes real life can get in the way, so will help where we can.
    To many incompleted tasks, without good reason will lead to restriction from future regattas.
    Help where you can and post at least once a week in chat so we can see you're still alive - inactive players will be kicked at the end of each season.
    And last of all, and most important, have fun.
    How to join: Just search and join via the Co-op building

    Thanks for taking the time to consider moving to Fredsville

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred1943 View Post
    Well put Redwing.

    The Fredville team work well together, helping to complete tasks and co-op request when asked. The members keep an eye on the tasks as they progress during a regatta and offer assistance where they thing it would be helpful

    Have a look at our Co-op statistics and the contribution members make to their team members, friends and other players.

    We are here to enjoy the game and achieve a positive outcome from the experience.

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    Co-op: Chicago City
    Platform: ios/android/kindle
    English Chat
    Regatta: Silver, but on the rise
    Co-op goals: (Help Focused, Motivated Friendly Team, Gold League Goal)

    Atmosphere: supportive with helping as primary goal - not unusual for 8+ members to have 300 or more helps a week. Regatta play not required but those who opt in encouraged to shoot for maximum tasks. Low turnover. This is a low drama group of mainly co-leaders.

    Come check out our stats and join directly or message here.

    Co-op rules:
    1. Frequent Active Play
    2. Help members fill orders - at least as often as you ask (required fo maintain membership). Goal: 100+ each week (this is truly easy when everyone is helping) -
    3. Opt out of Regatta - or be all in for Regatta (may change / Opt in/out each leg of Regatta)
    4. Communicate on the chat

    Come join us!

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    Looking to grow our team!

    Platform: Mobile
    Co-op goals: gold league. Friendly play. Helping others, 15x135

    Co-op name: Endless Horizon
    Co-op code: #end6em
    Accepted town level:50
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: no chest reserves. Don’t let a reserve sit too long. Help others, be nice!

    How players should contact you about joining: just join

    We are a small team looking to grow. 6 of us now and we know regattas are easier and more fun with more people! Come join us!

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