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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op ads

    Please post here if you are looking for new players to join your co-op.

    Please include the following essential info:

    Platform: All coops are either a) iOS/Android/Kindle, OR b) Windows, OR c) Mac. These three separate groups cannot see each other or play together, so this info lets readers know if there's any point them looking at your advert at all. Without that being prominently displayed, most people simply won't read your ad at all.

    Co-op name:
    Co-op code:
    Accepted town level:

    Any Co-op rules: (Reserves, help requirements, etc).
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, not regatta focused, etc).

    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Please note: this thread is for ADVERTS ONLY. If you see a co-op you would like to join, please contact that co-op as stated in their advert. Replies within the thread itself will be deleted.

    Please only post your co-op once a week.
    If you return to post another ad, please delete the old one. Failure to do so may result in the newer post being deleted as a duplicate.
    Older advertisements will periodically be deleted.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your co-op ad does not contain the necessary information including platform it will be deleted.
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    Platform ISO
    Coop name gold diggers
    Coop code GJH3KJ
    Accepted town level 55
    Language English

    Coop rules do all tasks at 135 no reserves but can be asked for in chat. No player is expected to spend cash unless they want to. Be polite helpful and friendly.

    Coop goal is to win at the moment we are a new team of 3 currently moving into steel with eyes fixed on gold cup.

    Our intention is to be a small team of 8 to 10 players who like a relaxed peaceful form of game play while maintaining a personal life.

    Contact in game using coop code

    If you feel we are what you are looking for please send us a request

    Thank you LILLYPUT

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    Win regatta with fun, with our best friends!!

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Race hard play harder

    Co-op name: BFF Unity
    Co-op code: #FFU4Y9
    Accepted Level: Level 40+ (Must have 4 boats, islands and trains)
    Language: English

    Like our coop name, we play like we are Best Friends. Chit chatting, know each other, have some fun, caring and helping each other while play.

    Township is not just a game for us, we make friends here with members from different countries and different cultures.

    Come and join us if you want to win regatta with fun!!!

    Any Co-op rules:

    1. Minimum 5 tasks (of course complete all the tasks will perrrfect 😉)
    2. Min 130 points task to finish
    3. Help each other is a must
    4. Reserved only for production task (collect items from island, make some product, etc)
    5. No reserved for easy task (feeding animal, helicopter, mining, house of luck)

    How players should contact you about joining: Feel free to PM me and I’ll get back to contact you.

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    Platform: Windows
    Co-op name: Boats N' Bros
    Co-op code:#H46RNE
    Accepted town level:32
    Language:English/Spanish (preferably English)

    Any Co-op rules: No taking of Reserves

    We are a very active Co-op with 19 really great players. We focus on helping each other and working as a team. If you do not want to race, helping others is ok too. If you do not race every week it is fine, but we do ask you mark yourself as "Not racing". We work and communicate well with each and have a lot of fun. We do not allow taking of reserves.

    How players should contact you about joining: In the game, with the co op code. We would love for you to come join us. We are a open Co-op

    We have a wonderful leader and very helpful players. Our levels range from 69 to 37. Our required level is 32.

    Thanks for considering Boats N' Bros.

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    Want to join a co-op that has a comical, wacky Co-leader who keeps the leader in stitches? Well here you go. I promise I'll go easy on ya.
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle,

    Co-op name:Lucky Dragons
    Co-op code:#UCEDKY
    Accepted town level:19

    Any Co-op rules:3 task and 5 help minimum. Being respectful to your fellow team mates and communication is key. If you can not race just opt out. However there is zero tolerance for freeloaders. Meaning you join, do not complete the minimum task/help. and expect to collect rewards.
    Any Co-op goals: Having fun and advancing in the leagues.

    We are a laid back group who are competitive yet we are stress free with low requirements. Reserve what you want. You can do 3 to max tasks and you do not have to spend tcash for xtra task. you can do any point amount. Come on what are you waiting for. Come sail away with us. look us up and just join.

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    Platform: Android
    CoOp Name: Regatta Roomies
    CoOp Code: #REG9WZ
    Accepted Town Level: 30 to 120
    Language: English (We accept others)
    CoOp Rules: Complete 405 points by Thursday for low level players, Reserves are 4 hours only. We do 135 tasks only and require 1350 points by Thursday for level 70 and above. Opt out on Monday if you need a break. Play fair and have fun. We prefer to use Messenger but not required.

    We are a multinational CoOp of 26 racers now in our 2nd year and winning in Gold League. We have experienced leadership and recently became a teaching CoOp to mentor new players who want Gold League rewards! We have 24 hour coverage on the board so all players have a task. We do not concern ourselves with dump penalties so we will find tasks you like to do! Our best Global Leaderboard was 650. We are now cruising with less competative teams and need serious players to reach the top 1000 in Gold League again! We have a lot of fun, make jokes and average 100 or more helps per member. Join us if winning races is for you!
    You may contact us in game and apply by request at #REG9WZ and we will chat in game.
    The CoOp is open for Admission Wednesday through Sunday. The leader is Hopperville(Sandy) and I look forward to meeting you. ⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵

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    Co-op name: Royalty (purple star)
    Platform: IOS/Android/kindle
    Accepted town level: 30
    Language: English

    We are a new very active group in the reggatta. There are only 2 of us right now we just left a crew with a very bad leader. We are looking for new members who are very active in the reggatta. Helping each other is a must or u will be kicked come join us. Must be level 30. There are rules and requirements coming soon .

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    We are looking for friendly, active and helpful members for a newly formed co-op. Join us and we can help each other grow.

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name: Ollies Dragon Dukes
    Co-op code: #RNV8CY
    Accepted town level: 30
    Language: En

    Any Co-op rules:
    - Help each other.
    - Tasks below 100 will be dumped.
    - Minimum of 8 tasks.
    - If unable to race please opt out.

    Any Co-op goals:
    - We are aiming to be in the Silver or Golden League.
    - Maintain a friendly and helpful team.

    Contact: In Game

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    Platform: IOS, Android, Kindle
    Co-Op name: Space Floaters
    Code: #SPWYJN
    Level: 55 open
    English speaking, international co-op looking for a couple players. We are a team of 11, 7 actively race. We do 16 tasks 130+, gold league, no reserves and quick promotions. No drama here.

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    We are very aggressive regatta players and a very dedicated team who races with gust and win. All of us scores 2160 every Regatta! As a result, we have been in top 3 in Golden league exactly 86 times so far, and have won 34 of them!

    The Co Op name is Regatta.

    Here's the required mandatory information

    Co-op Name
    Co-op Status
    between races
    Level Requirement:72+
    : English
    Co-op Tag

    We offer:
    A chance to win you the Golden Sail, and a habit to be at top in every regatta.
    We're looking for people who:
    #1:must participate in Regatta
    (Opting out for a short duration is allowed whenever necessary)
    Highly Competitive, with a gust to win every race. (
    finish all 15+1 tasks with high score)
    love playing this game.

    Contact Us:
    Find us with the co op code#REGZ38
    One more thing, (Please read entire paragraph before turning off) we usually spend at least 50 tCash in every race, we have a strategy. You do NOT have to buy it, we will tell you how to earn it, most of us earn more than that every week, few earn higher than 100 quite regularly. Its pretty easy!
    That's all we ask for, and helping helps off course, although not mandatory.

    We love the game, the thrill of the race drives us. Most importantly, for us we want everyone to nJoy the game.

    So please do join us if you do so too!
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