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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op ads

    Please post here if you are looking for new players to join your co-op, or you're interested in a merger.

    Please include the following essential info:

    Platform: All coops are either a) iOS/Android/Kindle, OR b) Windows, OR c) Mac. These three separate groups cannot play together. Without that being prominently displayed most people simply won't read your ad at all, so it may be deleted.

    Co-op name and Code:
    Accepted town level:
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc).
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc).
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Please note: this thread is for ADVERTS ONLY, not replies (which will be deleted).

    Please only post your co-op ad once a week. If you do return to post another ad after that time, please delete the old one. Failure to do so may result in the newer post being deleted as a duplicate, as will posting before a week has passed.

    Older advertisements will periodically be removed to make room for newer ones.
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    Co-op name: Sea Breeze
    Co-op tag: #SE82EE
    Co-op status: By Request
    Platform: Android and IOS
    Number of members: 14
    Required level: 65
    Language: ENGLISH

    Are you looking for a fun, friendly and very helpful co-op? Team Sea Breeze is currently looking for new members.

    What what have to offer great players like you:
    - We are in the Golden League so better prizes for all!
    - All our members are English speaking and are a lot of fun.
    - We love to help!
    - We are competitive but not to the point where the game isn't fun.
    - We usually race each other to fill help requests so requests don't sit long in our co-op!
    - We promote players pretty fast after they have proven themselves.
    - Our core group has been together for years with no turnover. We are a friendly group.
    - We have NO drama. We work very well together.

    Our requirements:

    - We prefer 16/130+ tasks but the minimum is 12/130+ tasks
    - May opt out but no more than 3 weeks in a row to be considered active
    - We dump all tasks below 130 points
    - We ask that members not reserve tasks for more than 3 hours. If it's reserved longer it can be "stolen". Only manufacturing, growing and shipping can be reserved.
    - We don't have a number of helps required as everyone wants to help in our group!
    - English speaking only please.
    - You aren't required to chat but we'd like you to join in

    If you think Team Sea Breeze would be a good fit for you please request in-game and mention that you saw this post/ad on the forum.

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    Android users. #REG7F3 Regatta Addicts UK. Looking for enthusiastic regatta players. Min level 50, min 10 tasks 125 points +, last day lower tasks accepted. Tasks which take time to prepare can be reserved. We are a helpful, chatty bunch and offer assistance if struggling to reach targets. We are in silver at moment but just dropped this last week due to Xmas, but poised to return to gold this week. New players are excluded from first regatta to ensure they are a team player and help others. Give us a try!!!

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    Recherche joueurs actifs

    Full régate recrute !!!

    Full régate, coop francophone, ID #FU4HCZ

    Coop sérieuse, active, très motivée pendant les régates, bonne ambiance.

    Règles régate: si non participation aux régates sans s'être désinscrit, exclusion de la régate suivante. Si pas de participation répétitive, exclusion de la coop. Réservation de tâches ok.

    Niveau minimum 50.

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    Fun, friendly and helpful co-op, currently looking for active players who are open to helping build quickly back up to a Gold level regatta team.

    Co-op name: TeamTown 1
    Co-op tag: #EMVFGX
    Co-op status: Open (but will switch to "By Request" shortly)
    Platform: Android/iOS
    Required level: 50 (70+ preferred)
    Language: English

    - Prefer max. tasks (16/135+)
    - Opt out is fine, especially if unable to complete at least 5 tasks.
    - Dump tasks below 130 points
    - Task reservations limited to 1 hour. If it's reserved longer it can be "stolen." If slightly more time needed, and is reasonable, can make requests for more time in chat.
    - No specific number of helps required, but please help as much as you are able.
    - English speaking please. Non-native speakers welcome, but conversations in Chat should be in English. (Have found that having a diverse group from different timezones around the world makes it easier on regatta task availability.)
    - You aren't required to chat, but communication regarding helping reach goals, reserved tasks, etc., is encouraged.
    - Daily play preferred. Notify in chat re: extended absence/vacation, etc.

    If you think team TeamTown 1 could be a good fit for you, come join (or request in-game).

    Looking forward to meet you!

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    ♥ Hi y’all! ♥⠀ Though it’s a small group of two, we’re pretty good on helping each other with requested items so all we’re looking for is mostly active, friendly people to support with regattas who can at least do 3 tasks! Feel free to join and spread the love with us c:

    Co-op name: Chuchu lovelies

    Co-op tag: #CHUMC5

    Co-op status: Opened

    Platform: iOS

    Required level: 20

    Language: English

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    Queremos lograr ser un equipo fuerte, logrando sumar usuarios medianamente activos y que se vayan entusiasmando logrando objetivos, para ser mas activos.

    PLATFORM: Andorid
    Co-op name and Code: Jugamos EN SERIO - Codigo #JUGKEV
    Accepted town level: Nivel 19 - Abierta
    Any Co-op rules: Any Language. Cualquier Idioma, ya todos saben que hacer y coordinaremos naturalmente.
    Any Co-op goals: (Hacer 4 tareas en la regata como mínimo y ayudar a los demás integrantes. Si es util su porte se podrá aceptar igualmente).
    How players should contact you about joining: (Solo anotense y vamos viendo ).

    Los esperamos!!

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    Co-op name and Code: #eg8dqn tegridy
    Accepted town level: 19
    Any Co-op rules: be active
    just join,

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    GOCverse Co-ops

    GOCVerse Co-ops
    Platform: ios/android/kindle
    English Chats.
    Facebook Group, Page, and Messenger Chats

    If you are interested in one of our co-ops, Please PM me on the forum, or send us a Message on our public Facebook page GOCverse Co-ops. Also some of the co-ops are By Request. The coops racing this week will say Racing Week 1 & Week 3 in the coop description.

    Opt Outs / Not Racing are fine in all coops but Mania and Lite.
    No time requirements generally, finish the required tasks for the coop by the end of the race.
    During regular seasons we do not have any town level requirements, if you can do the required tasks, you are welcome in the coop.

    We have a very busy Hopping group, and a Hopping chat during Interseasonal week.
    If you are interested in learning to Hop, send us a message!

    We host wooden league Zombie Races every season, usually Week #1 of the season.

    GOCverse Coops racing this week!
    GOC Mania (GOC Chic): Gold
    • GLB, will speed race, aims for First Place and Top 20 GLB.
    • Races 30. Uses a preset Roster.
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash required.
    • No Reserves
    • Very Limited Dumping
    • Transport Task Requirement
    • Messenger Required

    GOC Lite: Gold
    • Relaxed GLB, aims for First Place and top 75 GLB.
    • Races 30, uses a preset Roster.
    • 16/135.
    • Some Tcash required.
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Limited Dumping
    • Messenger Required

    GOC Shine: Gold
    New Project and Requirements this season!!!
    • Goal is to be a Relaxed GLB co-op, aims for First Place.
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16 required.
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Slightly Limited Dumping

    GOC Sail On : Gold
    • Trophy co-op, Aims for First Place.
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16 required.
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    We have two coops with the same requirements:
    GOC Glacial: Gold
    GOC Beach Party: Gold
    • Trophy co-ops, both Aim for First Place.
    • Relaxed co-ops
    • 5 tasks any value, people do 5-16.
    • No Tcash Required
    • Soft Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Cruise 10, Gold level for Week#1
    • Baby towns
    • Anyone welcome
    • 1 Task any value.
    • Unlimited Dumping
    • Soft Reserves
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    Looking for a Laid-back Co-op? Look no longer! Join us for some friendly chat and cooperative playing.

    Platform: iOS/Android
    Co-op Name & Code: Dockside Sailors, #DC9KJC, (sailboat banner)
    Accepted town level: 40
    Co-op Rules: English language, Regatta - opt out if you don’t want to participate, otherwise complete any task if racing - or more if you like.
    Co-op Goals: Help each other, be courteous, play semi-frequently, have fun!

    We’ve been there - done that with the competitive racing, but now just want to enjoy the game and friendly banter. Grab a drink and a chair and join us on the dock!!

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