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    Talking Roses&thorns

    Platfrom: Android
    Co-op name: Roses&Thorns (No Spaces)
    Co-Op Code:#RSXHUV
    Accepted town level: 45
    Any Co-op rules: Must understand English, we are Golden League, but need players to go the extra mile. 100+ helps and 11 - 16 taskes in Regatta 125 points and higher.
    Any Co-op goals: Gold league win
    How players should contact you about joining: Request to join

    Please must be able to communicate in English, we are looking for respectful players. Must help each other out... We would really like to win the Golden League. We are a chatty group at times, you can join in the conversation or you dont have to... We are looking for players that gets the job done, we had a few players just requesting , but not helping. So that doesnt go well, because I want everyone to help each other out... We are an awesome co op, really finding our feet now and would like a few more players, that is as serious as we are...
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    Cool Looking for active regatta and Co-op members

    iOS/Android platform
    Co-op name: FIGJAM
    Lang: English
    Min level: 40
    Open - just join

    We are a group (of 9) who have left a previous co-op due to inactivity from half the members including the Leader.
    Looking to build up numbers again to become successful in the weekly regatta. Previously in the golden league.
    All members can reserve regatta tasks.

    All we ask is that players complete a minimum of 5 regatta tasks per regatta (more if you can) and help each other as much as you can. We are a friendly bunch from all over the world and would like to welcome active members to our group.

    Hope to see you soon 😄👍

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    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Regatta Cats #FSRHGM
    Accepted town level: 19

    We are just making it into the Steel league tonight! Then onward and upward to silver and gold leagues!

    Before each regatta week starts we ask every player to commit to doing the maximum number of tasks and to strive for 135 points per task. If you do not reply or cannot commit to maximum tasks for the regatta then you may remain in the co-op and be excluded from racing for the week. Players are expected to help co-op members regardless of whether they are racing. Racers also help non-regatta participants likewise. If a player does not play in the regatta and does not help others they will be booted. We are a fun and competitive team, and we have a very strong core group and we want to expand it! Check us out for a week and I'm sure you'll want to stay

    Co-op rules: English preferred. Everyone must play in the regatta and try to help others in the co-op. We are building a team! Reserved tasks must be respected. Players may ask to bump a reservation but are not allowed to override without permission-it screws up other player strategies. Players are encouraged to build reserves before regattas. No insults or rudeness. Encouragement and constructive suggestions are welcome. Please notify leader if you cannot play a regatta for any reason so you can be temporarily excluded. No-shows and/or task dumping will get you booted.

    Co-op goals: We are friendly and competitive. We wish we had unlimited tasks! Gold league and top 3 are constant goals. New players must commit to trying to accomplish maximum number of tasks for our league. If you are new and you don't do so you will be excluded from the regatta for the week. Please introduce yourself and become part of the team!

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join. Co-op is open but if you aren't a team player or you are a slacker you will be booted.

    Regatta Cats co-op is looking for members who like to play and want to win!
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    Hi All,

    Our co-op team has been around for a while. We have had a steady group of players for a while now. However over time a few of our members have stopped playing the game. So we are looking to inject a few fresh members to help rejuvenate our team. We are a co-op that wants active regatta players, who are willing to help out their co-op teammates. We feature a low pressure environment. We of course love when people are able to complete 15 tasks every regatta, and encourage that, but we only require members to complete 5+ tasks to stay in good standing..We understand that some weeks you may be more busy than others, and participation numbers can vary from time to time. We have been a part of the Gold Tier Regatta for a while now, and want to continue to compete on that level. I personally love the regatta, and it's the main reason I play, and I tend to complete 15 tasks every week. So if a co-op that features active members, without super restrictive requirements sounds appealing to you, please come give our co-op a try!

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name: Glacier Forest
    Co-op Code: G27VN8
    Accepted town level: 50+
    Co-op rules: Our co-op features no reserving of tasks. We ask members to complete 5+ tasks per Regatta. And we encourage members to help other co-op members when they can.
    Co-op goals: Our goal is to stay in Gold league, and hopefully come away with top 3 finishes occassionally.
    How players should contact you about joining: Just request to join in game.

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    GOCverse Co-ops

    GOCVerse Co-ops
    Platform: ios/android/kindle
    English Chats.
    Facebook Group, Page, and Messenger Chats

    If you are interested in one of our co-ops, Please PM me on the forum, or send us a Message on our public Facebook page GOCverse Co-ops. Also some of the co-ops are By Request. The coops racing this week will say Racing Week 1 & Week 3 in the coop description.

    Opt Outs / Not Racing are fine in all coops but Chic and Lite.
    No time requirements generally, finish the required tasks for the coop by the end of the race.
    During regular seasons we do not have any town level requirements, if you can do the required tasks, you are welcome in the coop.

    We have a very busy Hopping group, and a Hopping chat during Interseasonal week.
    If you are interested in learning to Hop, send us a message!

    We host wooden league Zombie Races every season, usually Week #1 of the season.

    GOCverse Coops racing this week!
    GOC Chic: Gold
    • Relaxed GLB, aims for First Place and Top 50 GLB.
    • Races 30. Uses a preset Roster.
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Limited Dumping
    • Transport Task Requirement
    • Messenger Required

    GOC Lite: Gold
    • Relaxed GLB, aims for First Place and top 100 GLB.
    • Races 30, uses a preset Roster.
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Limited Dumping
    • Messenger Required

    GOC Sail On : Gold
    • Trophy/GLB co-op, Aims for First Place, top 200 GLB.
    • 16/135.
    • Tcash for #16
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Shine: Gold
    New Requirements this season!!!
    • Trophy co-op, Aims for First Place.
    • 5+ /135 point tasks.
    • No Speed racing required.
    • No Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    We have two coops with the same requirements:
    GOC Glacial: Gold
    GOC Beach Party: Gold
    • Trophy co-ops, both Aim for First Place.
    • Relaxed co-ops
    • 5 tasks any value, people do 5-16.
    • No Tcash Required
    • Soft Reserves
    • Unlimited Dumping

    GOC Cruise 10, Gold level for Week#3
    • Baby towns
    • Anyone welcome
    • 1 Task any value.
    • Unlimited Dumping
    • Soft Reserves
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    We are a group of fun, friendly and mildly competitive players who want to regain their place in the Golden League. We are looking for players that like to help.

    So if you are a solo player without a large friends list or your co-op lost its members, come and check us out.

    We play all regattas and most players have weekly help scores of 200+ per week and they max out on tasks. Most importantly we are Drama free!

    PLATFORM: IOS/Android/ Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Knitville #knxnmj
    Accepted town level: 45
    Any Co-op rules: English chat, 5 tasks and 100 helps per week. No reserving tasks. Ask for help on each train and plane.
    Any Co-op goals: Gold League
    How players should contact you about joining: request using co-op code #knxnmj

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    Generosity is our game!

    Come and see how good this co-op is! Currently we have 9 members and would like to add more players who are serious about racing. We are very friendly, but the best part is that we are extremely generous and helpful with each other - check my stats for proof (New Jerusalem URS6LH). We expect members to race. If you are too busy to complete all of your regatta tasks then opt out of racing.

    The meaning behind the name Towdah (pronounced tō·dä), Towdah is a Hebrew word for ‘praise the LORD’. The expanded definition is ‘an extension of the hand in adoration, avowal or acceptance. In Psalms and elsewhere it is used for thanking God for things not received as well as things clearly at hand.’

    Platform: iOS
    Co-op name: Towdah
    Co-op code: #W5N5H2
    Accepted town level: 40
    Language: English

    1. Have fun!
    2. Be respectful & friendly to others.
    3. Absolutely no foul language is permitted within the chat.
    4. Communication is important.
    5. Complete all of regatta tasks or opt out of race.
    6. Regatta tasks must be at least 130 points or higher.
    7. Do not steal tasks that have been reserved by others.

    Co-op goals: race & have fun

    How players should contact you about joining: By request. If you are serious about joining mention my name, F106lady, in the request message
    Baruch haba b'shem Adonai!

    Township: New Jerusalem URS6LH
    Co-op: Towdah #W5N5H2
    Platform: iOS

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    IoS Android
    Co-op Name: Summer Days
    Level 50 required
    English preferred
    Reserves are up to 3 hours
    Minimum Helps are 30, though our lower level players helps will be adjusted until they reach 90.
    Tasks of 125 or higher
    Levels lower than 90 must complete 75% of number of tasks per league.
    Our co-op is an equal opportunity Co-op. You may be asked to run the co-op at some point--we want everyone to take ownership in our co-op.
    Co-op tag: #XCPFDM
    Our Co-op is very helpful and our players are friendly and work together.
    If you're interested, please send us a message!

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle

    Co-op name: Boom2 Coop

    Co-op code: # Y843SW

    Accepted town level: 50

    Language: English

    Co-op rules: You have to participate in the Regatta or simply opt-out. 10 task min. We generally rotate between Gold and Silver League. Helping out other members is mandatory 25 helps per regatta. First 48 hours no reserves available and min point tasks 125-135 points all others are dumped by Leader and Co-leaders. In co-op description rules are always posted there. Currently we do not allow reserves on mining, HOL, money tasks, planes or trains. You may reserve crops, ships, factory, zoo and helicopter tasks. No stealing of reserved tasks by other members allowed.

    We are a friendly and helpful co-op and are looking for like minded players serious about regatta. If you cannot participate in regatta you can opt out. New players failing to meet min tasks twice will be kicked from the co-op however if you can be an active player you are more than welcome to rejoin.

    Apple Grove

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    Need a change? love competitive racing in Golden League? Join us at ‘11 Oceans’

    Need a Change❓ Love competitive racing in Golden League❓Join us at ‘11 Oceans’

    Racers - helpful & social. Non-racers are very welcome ‼️
    Come and join us ‼️😊

    Co-op name and Code: ‘11 Oceans’ #RUDQ9M
    We are a successful, smaller team (12 members), who love racing, looking to slowly expand..
    Accepted town level: 74

    Co-op rules: A global team.
    - MUST speak english, active in chats, helpful, and show online status.
    - We have a FB group for team reference info only (racing & general gameplay tips)
    - All game interaction, helps etc is in co-op chat only.
    - Players levels range from 61 through to 104
    - 16*135pt tasks only – intention to complete within 4 days – or opt out
    - Reserves for long preparation tasks only (crop, factory goods, islands etc) & max 4hr hold only.
    - Any reserves on other tasks are discouraged, but will be treated as ‘Don’t dump’ & may be taken‼️
    - We do NOT dictate and assign product preps for racing 👍
    - We ALL help each other 😊.
    - All racers must pitch in to keep the board clean, unwanted tasks dumped (>30 mins) – to keep board cycling over 👍

    Co-op goals: We race competitively in Golden League and are not GLB focused.
    - No hoppers 🙏
    - Goal is for racing to be completed <=4days 😁
    - We all help each other‼️
    - We are a happy, helpful, social team – dictating or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated here – team players only
    - We love racing, and wish to remain a successful, competitive Golden League team 👍

    If you are ill prepared, don’t have all farm animals or feed mills, won’t communicate, won’t adhere to the rules listed above, and wish to race leisurely choosing whatever value tasks you want - we are NOT the team for you👍

    Send request directly to co-op
    - Glen Peace #EAYMD6
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