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Thread: Regatta task graying out; unable to complete

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    Regatta task graying out; unable to complete

    One of my teammates still had time remaining on a “Send Trains” task. She was ready to send her last group of trains but the task had grayed out. She was unable to complete the task.

    Has anybody else seen this?
    What causes it?
    How can it be prevented?

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    I can't help much but did read about something similar earlier today, advice given by Bess,Downton or Graylady to force close the game WITHOUT touching the regatta, then reloading to synch with server. I can not find the post I read so hopefully someone who can help will be along soon.

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    Thank you, JayS. I’ve seen several posts on Facebook group pages, but nobody seems to know what to do. This happened to us last week. I’m hoping we don’t see it again. Just trying to prepare my team if we do.

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