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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Like, g'day, eh!! <Insert Bob & Doug Mackenzie Theme Music>

    We're like looking for other hosers (and non-hosers who want to join our Canadian crew), eh!

    But seriously, I am looking for more people to join us. An interest in participating in the Regattas and helping our Co-op members out as much as possible is a must. We're semi-casual, but I do want us to be a Regatta Co-op.

    Platform: Android
    Current League: We slide between Copper and Silver Leagues
    Co-op name: Canadian Rockies, eh!
    Co-op code/tag: #CN8PFN
    Accepted town level: Level 50+
    Language: English Only

    Any Co-op rules:
    Semi-Casual. RT Comes First but participation highly encouraged. Please PM me here in the forums if you will anticipate being away for extended time due to vacation/illness/family events or situations.
    -- English Only
    -- 21+
    -- Discord MANDATORY
    -- 4 Tasks/Regatta minimum
    -- 10 Help minimum
    -- Any member with a 0-Help/Task count (in general or specifically in Regatta) without prior notification will be removed.
    -- No Reserving Tasks. Try to let others know if you've got an interest in a specific Task, whether in the game or in our Discord.
    -- No Dumping Tasks. We take what we get and do our best to get it filled with help from our "Hozer" mates.

    Any Co-op goals:
    -- Regatta Participation and good cooperation to gain rewards each week
    -- Teamwork-Geared
    -- Fun, semi-casual, social Co-op atmosphere.

    How players should contact you about joining:
    -- PM here and/or search for us via Co-op Tag.
    -- Membership currently OPEN.

    NOTE: I want this to be a fun, social group and a place where we can all relax, enjoy the game, and the company. Be respectful at all times.

    Co-op Tag: #CN8PFN

    Our Discord is:
    Discord Link:

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    Are you looking for a hard-working co-op where the members love to help each other and win races? Are you interested in a team that competed in the Golden League? Then check out “International Superpower”

    Platform: iOS/Android
    Co-Op Name: International Superpower #N3KXPW
    Accepted Town Level: 35
    Co-op rules: each player needs to do at least 5 tasks at 120, stealing reserved tasks w/o permission will get you kicked, have to help each regatta at least 50 times, courteous/respectful behavior towards all members, English
    Co-op goals: Gold League, 5x120 (5 tasks at 120 points each).
    Contact: Request to join our co-op through Township

    We are primarily Asian players, however we have some European, and North American players as well. We welcome members in all time zones and continents who speak English. We want to continue to build a great co-op, but we also have lots of fun. Come join a winning co-op!

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    Scream Queens are a new co op with Windows based platform. Be helpful and friendly, no drama. Everyone becomes Co Leader upon joining. Please opt out if not competing in regatta. Players Level 30 and up please.

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    Marko Co-Op is a Team of Friendly Helpful Members that participate in Township Events and Regatta.

    Build your Township and Help Build Others by filling transportation requests.

    Co-op Name: Marko Co-Op
    Co-op Tag: MRWS9U
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Platform: Android/Kindle/iOS
    Required Level: 40 *** see note
    Language: English Only

    Our goal is to advance in Gold League
    Participation in the following will help
    Team Marko 🤗🐑🐑🐑🤗 to obtain Better Rewards For All
    5+ Regatta Tasks per Voyage
    Daily Participation / communication
    Reservations allowed.
    Be respectful. Do not take others reservations.
    Opt Out before the next Race if not playing. And let the team know
    Don't need to be chatty but communication is important. Please keep comments regarding the game, although sharing a bit about yourself is perfectly fine.
    Absolutely No Profanity or Drama will be tolerated.
    The following Guideline is observed to those under Level 40 Who:
    Are very eager to level up quickly
    Are at least level 20
    Would like the opportunity to race in the Regatta with a great team
    Want amazing support in a drama free zone.
    We Are Marko Co-Op 23/30 members
    Looking to fill our Team with Great Participating Members. 🤗🐑🐑🐑🤗

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    May 2017
    No Regatta Required
    Perfect for those with jobs or limited time but need the benefits of a co-op
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name: Song of Valinor
    Code: #SNS2WS
    Accepted town level: 19
    Leader: River Daughter
    How players should contact you about joining: Just join; we're open all the time

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    Jun 2017
    Co-op name and Code: Texas 2.0 #EXD652
    Accepted town level: 70+
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc). :: English speaking only, 150 Help min per week, No reserves the 1st two days, after that 3 hr limit, We do allow opt outs and if busy (Notify the team) we will allow lower helps.
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc). : Golden League, 15/135 (Sometimes we will switch it up to only 135)
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Other: We are a fun, goofy, active co-op. We have members from all over the country/world and are like a big happy family. If you like to join feel free to request. We also have a facebook group but it is not mandatory to join. We like to chit chat a lot and help each other complete tasks. The 16th task is not required but most of us do purchase it. We do sometimes get 1st place but we do not aim for it everyweek, we are semi-competive and like to keep it fun.

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