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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op ads

    Please post here if you are looking for new players to join your co-op.

    Below is an example form you can use.

    Platform: (iOS/Android/Kindle, OR Windows, OR Mac).
    Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, not regatta focused, etc).

    Co-op name:
    Co-op code:
    Accepted town level:

    Any Co-op rules: (Reserves, help requirements, etc).

    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, etc).

    Please note: this thread is for ADVERTS ONLY. If you see a co-op you would like to join, please contact that co-op as stated in their advert.

    Please only post your co-op once a week.
    If you return to post another ad, please delete the old one. Failure to do so may result in the newer post being deleted as a duplicate.
    Older advertisements will periodically be deleted.
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    SHINING TIME #SHQ6NG. We are small competative team (levels 89-147) looking for a few friendly players who race fast, love teamwork, interaction and helping others (top 1%). We share HOLS, precious chests as well as easy and hard tasks and opt out as needed or wanted. No planes, trains, or other slow tasks unless you want to. Must use messenger for streamlined, strategic racing that puts us in top 3 in first few days. Decisions made as a team and no drama or competition within the co-op.q

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    The Kingsroad Trading Post Co-op (#KNHVGU) is looking for 1 or 2 competitive players.

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op goals: Gold League, 16 x 135 only, not interested in the GLB
    Co-op name: Kingsroad Trading Post
    Co-op code: #KNHVGU
    Accepted town level: 100 desired, 80+ for the right player
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules:
    • We are serious about the regatta, 75% of our Gold League races result in a Top 3 finish. Most people finish in under 3 days.
    • Reserves OK for items requiring long prep, e.g., Islands, Factories, Crops, etc.
    • No reserves for "easy" things, e.g., HOL, Feed Animals, Mining, etc.
    • Reserve means "please don't dump this but take it if you're further along that I am", Reserves for less than 2 hours is considered "polite"
    • Speaking of polite, we are a friendly group, chat is mostly game related but we are sometimes off topic, especially during NFL Playoffs. If you are put off by frequent "thank you"s, you won't like us at all.
    • Opt-out if real life intervenes.
    • We are an international group with most of the members in either North America or the UK so there's usually someone awake to help.
    • Everyone is made an Elder so they can dump tasks without waiting for someone else to do it. But issuing invitations without discussion is frowned upon.
    • Communication among the team is paramount, ask first before doing something drastic.
    • I'd like to keep the team to around 10 to 14 active racers, this seems to be a sweet spot for getting 4 or 5 135s on the board.

    Send a Forum Private Message (PM) to me, "cdosr"

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    We’re a moderately competitive co-op, we’re very friendly and are quick to help with co-op requests. Currently our task minimum is 800 points and we have a minimum help requirement of 45 helps during each regatta. Regatta season weeks are mandatory but interseasonal regatta week is optional. Many of us are more productive when we can look forward to a week off. Since Regatta’s are so busy many of us use the interseasonal week to produce and stock up on products, work on our zoo and redesign our towns. We always enjoy chatting and having fun.

    Co-op name: Serenity Cove
    Co-op tag: #SERG89
    Preferred language: English
    Required level to join: 50

    Currently we have 9 amazing members and we would love more to join us so we are able to move up in the ranks! If you’re a great team player please join our co-op.
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    Come join our Sea's!

    Moderate co-op that recently downsized due to lack of participation & drop in league from Gold to Silver.

    Looking for members that are helpful & participate! 5+ task & 25+ helps requirement. We are friendly & we make decisions based on majority vote. We dump anything under 120pts & respect members reservations!

    If this sounds fun to you, please join us!


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    Looking for new co op members. All current members complete all regatta task. We ask you complete 5 task in regatta. We are friendly, helpful and a great team.

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    Relaxed co-op seeking new members/open co-op

    Co-op goals: to help out your co-op w/ requests and 2 regatta tasks. Relaxed co-op!

    Co-op name:Velvet Cat Co
    Co-op code: #VEYWRD
    Accepted town level:19

    Any Co-op rules: Help your co-op w/ requests & participate in at least 2 (or more) regatta tasks.

    How players should contact you about joining:
    Please look for the co-op name Velvet Cat Co & join its an open co-op!

    Hi, The “Velvet Cat Co” #VEYWRD welcomes you to join our co-op. Our old leader of our old co-op stopped showing up a while back so I made this new co-op about 2 weeks ago. 7 members followed me. We’re very laid back & relaxed. We ask two rules; that members help out with requests & participate in the regatta (at least two tasks). I complete all tasks but we have members who do 2, 4, 5-7. Whatever you can offer as long as you help us w/at least 2 tasks. I realize life happens and ppl have lives so that’s why I only ask for 2 tasks. Even still we used to finish top 3 in the golden league. Since I just started this co -op we started at wooden league but we’ve upgraded to bronze and I have hopes we can keeping leveling as before. Come join us and say hi! 🐾🔥👍🏼

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    Co Op Name: *cries forever*
    Co Op Code: #CRUM6H
    Starting level - 19
    Language - English

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    Co-Op Name: Luckyr Us
    Co Op Code: #UCH4U2
    Starting level - 50
    Language - English

    Lucky Us Co-op looking for new team members who enjoy winning! Must be active and like helping. Our competitive co-op is in GOLD league and most members finish all tasks. We have an FB page for strategy and fun! Come join us.

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    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: Lost tough with the old Co-op I started called Frostmourne. This new co-op has no goals yet, but hoping to grow and do Regatta, seasonal events, be extremely helpful and active.

    Co-op name: All Systems Go
    Co-op code: #52ZSGN
    Accepted town level: 19
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Those will be decided by the co-op once we have higher membership

    How players should contact you about joining: Just join, we are currently Open, but will switch to Closed and be more picky once we have the numbers.
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